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Gets the Worm

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Gets the Worm Slot Machine

It is particularly difficult to think of a worm in the context of cuteness. Of all the subterranean creepy crawlies, the worm is probably one of the lowest on the scale of lovability – which is certainly saying something. With this in mind, the work that Eyecon have done here in creating their new release ‘Gets the Worm’ could be considered priceless for the reputation of worms world over?

Though it doesn’t feature a worm as the central character (instead; a worm-hunting bird!), we can’t help empathise slightly with the little guys.

Following on from, and no doubt in part influenced by the iconic and highly successful Worms series from games developer Team17 – a series which, it just so happens, recently debuted as a video slot – Gets the Worm does wonders for general worm PR, packaging these slippery creatures in a highly accessible, approachable way. Who would have thought that this would ever be possible!?

Underground Theme

Gets the Worm derives its title from the old saying about the early bird, and possesses a theme almost as archaic. Centred upon an old fashioned farmyard (a favoured habitat of the humble earthworm, as it happens), this is a game that is not trying to outdo anyone, a game that is comfortable being what it is – and a game that is instantly refreshing and comforting as a result.

Each of the five reels are lined with some rather simplistic graphics that take in some typical countryside themed items. From a birdhouse to a sunflower, the graphics themselves may leave a lot to be desired, though the general mood is certainly raised by these brightly coloured features. The scene set is one of open pastures and freedom, which is certainly conducive to allowing players to lose their inhibitions and hike up the stakes from time to time.

A Swarm of Opportunity

As already mentioned, Gets the Worm slot has a total of 5 reels. Across these reels there are some 25 paylines all vying for the players attention at once, making this game a standard package for anyone with a shred of experience with video slots consoles.

Predictably, players must match various combinations in order to make the console pay out, with some symbols possessing higher values than others and some attached the value and status of Wild and Scatter symbols. The Wild symbol in this case is the games logo graphic; matching 5 consecutively across an active payline will result in a player cashing out the games maximum jackpot of 20,000 credits. The Scatter, on the other hand, is the adorable (in a unique way, admittedly) worm character. Lining this little guy up 3 or more times on a line will grant you a whole host of free spins, which grow in number the more worms you successfully land on across the reels.

Additional features of Gets the Worm include a gamble button which offers itself unto players at the conclusion of each round, providing them with an all or nothing chance to double their earnings on the spot – as many as 5 times consecutively. Not for the faint of heart, this function is common among video slots games of this calibre and really adds a further element of excitement to proceedings.

This addition to the interface doesn’t do all that much to set it apart from the competition, however it does highlight the category of game that the Eyecon team have set out to create with Gets the Worm: namely, one which attracts the real gamblers out there.

Do the Worm

Once you’ve had a thorough play through this game it is likely that you will come to a forked conclusion. This fork contains just two prongs; the first prong leads to the conclusion that this game offers up very little in the way of progression. There’s simply not a great deal about it that is new or pioneering and it’s almost as though the developers have created it with a deliberate aversion to the new school.

The second prong will lead you to the revelation that you don’t really care. The game is a lot of fun regardless of how much effort it puts into providing something new to the wider landscape of slots gaming – and that in itself is commendable.

Sometimes, there is too much emphasis put on a slots ability to mix things up. It can overshadow what’s considered by most to be the most important thing of all – how much fan a game can provide. This game provides that in spades.

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