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Sugar Train

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Sugar Train Slot

Remember that feeling as a kid when you used to go in a sweet shop? The thrill of deciding what you want in your pick ‘n’ mix bag? Well now it’s time to bring that excitement to the online casino world thanks to the Sugar Train slot game by Eyecon.

This 5-reel, 25 payline slot game has an array of bonuses and free plays that is sure to leave a good taste in players’ mouths.

This game is ideal for those new to online casino as there aren’t many confusing features to master. One of them maybe working out where the 25 winning lines are in the 5 reels, fear not though as each payline can be displayed on the reels just by the player moving their mouse over one of the numbers either side of the reels.

This inclusion helps to give newcomers to online casino a better understanding of where the paylines are, and thus where the chance to win some money lies. It’s a great addition to the game, and makes the Sugar Train slot game ideal for those new to slot games online.

Graphics That Give You a Rush

With a game like Sugar Train, players won’t be surprised to hear it’s all about the colour and the buzz it creates when it comes to the graphics. The reels are located on a train track that is about to enter a hill that is lush green, all this while the sky is as clear and blue as possible.

The developers of the game were obviously desperate to include as much sweet-related items as possible to the game, so the train tracks, train wheels and trees are some kind of candy or lollipops.

As for the reels themselves, the sugary theme is as constant here. Candy canes separate each of the 5 reels, whilst smaller sweets border the reels themselves. When it comes to the paytable, items players will see tumble down the reels could be gummy bears, cupcakes, chocolate bars, colourful lollipops or even glazed doughnuts. It’s advised to have food at the ready as just opening this game will get players peckish and their stomachs rumbling. Therefore it’s obvious why this game is so brilliantly designed for the theme, it’s colourful, sweet and full of tasty surprises.

In-Play Full of Sweet Surprises

Something that is consistent across most of Eyecon’s game is the option for players to decide how many lines they want to include in the stake. This can be decided by using the up and down arrows in the line meter, clicking those will increase or decrease the amount of numbers used in the payline – whether that be the minimum if 1 or the maximum of 25.

After that, it’s time to decide how much to stake on the game per spin. The bet up and down option, which is next to the line symbol, is where players can change how much they want to stake per line.

In total, the minimum players can stake per spin is 0.01 to the maximum that’s €25. This shows the wide spectrum available to players, and the game covering all types of people that may have a sweet tooth and their intentions for the slot game. Whether it be for pure enjoyment or to win some cash – it’s all catered for.

Another in-play option is the autoplay feature that allows the computer to do the spinning for the player. This is ideal for those that’d rather take a back seat on the sugar train, and let the game do the driving for them. It’s also perfect for those that get hungry playing it and would rather munch on a snack than click on the spin button repeatedly. No doubt, players will get hungry playing or watching this slot game – we’re getting peckish just talking about it!

All Aboard the Tasty Bonuses

In the Sugar Train slot game, players will notice that three or more of the gummy bear symbols will trigger the free spins bonus. The more gummy bears that tumble down the reels, the more players will have in free plays – the maximum of which is 25. It’s not only free spins on offer on the Sugar Train, there’s the Prize Pick bonus that is synonymous with Eyecon slot games.

Three or more Rainbow symbols that appear anywhere in the reels will leave players having to choose up to 5 colours. Each colour will represent a multiplier and players’ winnings will be increased.

These bonuses are just some of the reasons why the Sugar Train slot game leaves a good taste in players’ mouths. It’s bright, sweet and reminds us of happier times. Rekindle those moments by playing the Sugar Train slot game today – it’s time to treat yourself.

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