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Fortune's Prophet

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Fortune's Prophet Slot

Forever a mainstay within slots and video slots gaming, Chinese Zodiac themes are popular for all manner of good reasons. Found upon gaming and casino sites of all kinds, in all nations, catering to all individuals, this popular theme is entwined in gambling culture as a whole. Fortune’s Prophet is but another game that adheres to this marriage between modern gambling and ancient eastern culture.

Developed and released recently by Eyecon, Fortune’s Prophet wraps itself around the Chinese Zodiac theme tightly from the offset – with an appearance that would rival the interior of an age old Shanghai gaming house. It’s sleek, simple to decipher and at first impression appears to be very fast to handle – just the way you like it!

Who knows what it is about ancient eastern culture that allows it to translate to seamlessly into modern day digital gaming, but there’s very little question that it does. Following a limitless range of games before it, Fortune’s Prophet certainly looks the part – though how does it compare to the range of high quality consoles already on offer within this ever-expanding niche?

Decorative and Delicate

Let’s start with the easiest place to start: looks. Anyone with a trace of experience with modern slots will note from the offset that Fortune’s Prophet doesn’t have a great deal going on for itself in terms of unique looks. The fonts and symbols employed present nothing new to the overall theme and the graphics look slightly dated and generic.

That being said, there is a lovely atmosphere about the game, it is all at once decorative and delicate, welcoming and sharpening – providing the optimal gaming environment.

The game’s five reels are each decorated extensively with an array of predictable, yet good looking symbols – all of which are creatures taken from the Chinese Zodiac. There’s a pig, rats, rams, snakes, rabbits and cockerels, as well as koi carp and a fortune cookie for extra measure. All possessing their own unique values, the game functions as any other of its classification, size and spec.

Fortune’s Prophet possesses a heavily used layout (Dragonfly), which many players will instantly recognise. Though this doesn’t do wonders for score in terms of originality, there’s no doubt it adds to the overall accessibility of the game and makes for a much shorter adjustment period, which is always desirable in such a fast moving corner of the gaming market.

Bonus Rounds, Jackpots and Spins

Having registered interest in this theme is not all that is required to get along just fine with this slot. Please make no mistake that this is a game that is perfectly capable of carrying itself well, even if there’s not a great deal on offer here that is new.

On top of all of the typical symbol triggered prizes, there’s a host of bonus feature rounds on offer that are sure to tantalise any player into sticking with the game until their full capability has been explored.

The game’s standard jackpot is a whopping 5,000x line stake multiplier and, as you can probably imagine, results in some pretty wild payouts. Adding to this already impressive number, a jackpot win which features a Wild in place of a standard symbol will automatically be doubled in size!

As for the aforementioned bonus rounds, the first is a prize picks round which will offer all players the opportunity to select as many as 5 prizes that range from multipliers to add-ons, while the other is a standard form free games round that will see all prizes are instantly doubled. Again, hardly groundbreaking stuff but still enough to rouse interest in most players.

Profit from Prophet?

The prevailing thought when playing through this highly capable game is that it’s all been seen and done before. This game may rank among those that instantly put you off the second they’ve fully loaded, but there are nonetheless some engaging and worthwhile features to be found lurking within it.

The Chinese Zodiac theme is tired and stretched wider than any other out there, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t still enjoy it and even actively seek it out in their new releases. It’s for these individuals that Eyecon have no doubt created Fortune’s Prophet, and for the rest of us there’s plenty more to turn our attentions towards from this developer and all of the others.

With that in mind, this game isn’t likely to be up everyone’s street, but for those who stick at it for longer than 5 minutes there are some nice payouts to be uncovered.

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