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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Prohibition Slot Machine

The 1920s were so glamorous: the clothes, the music, the club scene, it was all so elegant, even the mobsters had a certain style that could draw you in. But what made the 20s so memorable in the United States was the Prohibition, an era that started in 1920 and ended in 1933. 

During this time there was a national ban on anything to do with alcohol - you couldn’t produce it, sell it or drink it, it was a severe illegal activity that nobody wanted to be associated with. Except for those gangsters that wanted to challenge authority and ‘the man’, and so numerous bars ended up having secret areas inside them in which patrons could purchase booze. 

Now as you probably know, this created a lot of issues not only with local authorities but with rival gangs as well, and so the night scene became even more turbulent and deadly, yet still the glamour remained. An aspect that you can savour like the very last drop of a fine wine when you play Prohibition, a 5-reel slot. 

Concealed Weapons

Any sane person wouldn’t step inside these dens of sin, and any insane person wouldn’t do so without some kind of weapon hidden away somewhere in their outfit or accessories, say a gun in a ladies purse, or a knife in the pocket of your dinner jacket. Even musicians cases were used as a means to smuggle money, weapons and even alcohol. 

There is a wide selection of individualised symbols, with the singer dressed in red being the one that will give you a handsome payout. However, as brilliant as that is, it’s the two bonus symbols that will whet your appetite; one is clearly marked while the other is an unassuming handbag. 

The ‘official bonus’ is a black classic car, of which you’ll need three for the mini level to load. Customers will drive out to a warehouse and will have to search cases to find the bottles of alcohol, the only problem is that an empty cache will end the level. As for the unofficial bonus feature, that will only start if 10 handbags are discovered, which is quite a high amount to have to get all at once, even despite all those paylines. 

When you manage to do this, and you’ll be trying for a while, it’ll be time to practice your aim and shoot down the empty bottles - the more bottles you get before you run out of bullets the more money you’ll earn. 

Max Bet and Double Games

By now you’ll know that there is a set amount of money you need to bet before you can begin, with Prohibition having a range between 0.50 and 2.00, however what you might not know is that there is a max bet option for you to relish.

If you decide to do this you don’t have to do anything other than launch those reels, which sounds like a convenient means of gaming to us. Also making everything a lot more handy is the double game option which is essentially another special level in which a mobster member has a deck of cards. You just need to guess whether his card will be black or red to either win or lose your cash. It’s a quick way to make a buck, if you have lady luck on your side. 

When It All Comes to an End

Prohibition is a well-finished and stylised game that turns you into a stylish gentleman or woman on their way to the top of the mob community, with the chance to steal large amounts of money from rival gangs. 

It’s a fantastic game, which we’ve come to expect from any Evoplay Entertainment title now.

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