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    Evoplay Entertainment Slots

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    Evoplay Entertainment Slots

    Founded in 2003, Evoplay Entertainment is a major developer of integrated products and solutions for the gaming industry.

    The Evo in their name is short for evolution, with the firm professing to provide an evolutionary gaming experience, delivered via its proprietary gaming platform. B2B is Evoplay Entertainment’s bread and butter, and business is booming. With hundreds of clients and millions of players enjoying Evoplay Entertainment products, the company is in rude health.

    When a group of entrepreneurs got together in the early naughties and decided to pool their talents, the result was The Evoplay Entertainment Company. A series of B2B gaming solutions swiftly followed earning high praise and popularity.

    It may have started off with a mandate to make online games, but Evoplay Entertainment has since widened its remit and expanded its operations. Following a number of mergers and partnerships, Evoplay Entertainment stands today as an international conglomerate that handles gambling mathematics solutions, games and gaming, multi-platform CMS, payment providers, user support and retention, analytics and finance, recruitment and traffic management.

    Evoplay Entertainment Products

    Whatever the product in question, Evoplay Entertainment vow to develop and release it using a thorough methodology that leaves nothing to chance. The company is convinced that the needs of the consumer should be at the forefront of everything it puts its name to, and bases its design, implementation, promotion and support around this.

    Evoplay Entertainment vows that its products will deliver excellent value for money, but also that its employees will gain great satisfaction from developing the product, fine-tuning it and bringing it to market.

    It all starts with Evoplay Entertainment’s game development division, the place where the company began over a decade ago. The firm combines innovative technologies with a creative approach that starts with a mock-up of how the final product should look before proceeding accordingly. It’s possible for a group of software devs to get blinded or distracted by the technology itself. While it’s important to utilise the latest tools as they become available, devs shouldn’t lose sight of the game itself and the experience they’re trying to create. This is something Evoplay Entertainment are mindful of, which is why they try to strike a balance between utilising the latest technological solutions with focusing on the creativity – the ideas each team member can conjure - that are the most valuable asset the company has at its disposal.

    The Evoplay Entertainment Platform

    Creating a proprietary gaming platform is no mean feat. It takes countless hours of development to design, test and perfect a platform that will operate smoothly and prove compatible with third party vendors and the various software builds that online casinos may be operating. Evoplay Entertainment’s platform has been designed to handle extremely high loads, performing complex mathematical calculations in real time and coping with high volumes of traffic without slowing or crashing.

    At the core of Evoplay Entertainment’s platform is a modular build that sees each critical component interlocked; the core, the system bus which relays messages between the modules, and finally the modules themselves, which include user management, statistics, content management, financial operations, partner program support, antifraud, business intelligence and a content management panel.

    Payment Processing the Evoplay Entertainment Way

    Evoplay Entertainment have their finger in many pies, including the one marked Payment Processing. The company’s bespoke billing platform allows casino operators to manage their finances in one place, with input, output and account transfers all available alongside detailed analytics that reveal at a glance how the client’s business is performing.

    Throw in an advanced anti-fraud protection system and all the ingredients are in place for payment processing software that’s among the best in the industry. With full compliance with PCI DSS standards, and partnerships with leading payment providers, Evoplay Entertainment’s software is the real deal.

    Visa, MasterCard, QiWi, LiqPay, Neteller, Bitcoin, Skrill, WebMoney and Yandex Money are just a selection of the payment mechanisms and technologies that Evoplay Entertainment’s platform is compatible with.

    Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing is another realm that Evoplay Entertainment has embraced. The company can provide its customers with a wide range of marketing tools to help operators grow their business and determine how their site is performing.

    Evoplay Entertainment’s internet marketing tools will help casino operators successfully promote their products and services and tap into new markets. Evoplay Entertainment recognises that the success of any advertising campaign is contingent on identifying the right demographic to target. This prevents wasted spending and ensures the maximum possible ROI.

    Evoplay Entertainment’s marketing tools allow clients to launch fully optimised campaigns that utilise contextual (SEA) and mobile advertising, SMM, SEO and copywriting. With detailed analytics all part of the package, Evoplay Entertainment takes the guesswork out of internet marketing.

    Customer Support

    Due to the vast range of products and services Evoplay Entertainment offers, and the sheer number of international clients on its books, the company has invested heavily in its customer support service. Complex mechanisms, be it the firm’s gaming platform or payment processing software, requiring detailed documentation and support to ensure smooth day-to-day running of casinos and other gaming sites.

    Evoplay Entertainment’s comprehensive customer support includes an online chat service, online request forms and the ability to phone the company to instantly receive expert support. Evoplay Entertainment’s clients know that they can rely on the company to respond to their queries promptly and efficiently, with an automated system in place to ensure that customer requests are satisfactorily resolved.

    In addition, Evoplay Entertainment offers VIP servicing, for customers who require dedicated support that leaves no stone unturned. With every minute of downtime costing a casino operator money, Evoplay Entertainment’s VIP servicing provides reassurance that problems will be dealt with promptly and thoroughly the moment they arise.

    The Magnificent World of Evoplay Entertainment Slots

    While features like payment processing and detailed analytics will woo customers, gamers are more interested in the final product. What sort of slots can Evoplay Entertainment come up with, armed with all this expertise and top-range tech?

    Stunning slots, that’s what. It’s no hyperbole to state that Evoplay Entertainment’s slots are some of the finest in the business, with exquisite graphics that are more akin to the sort of FPS one might find on the Steam store. You could be forgiven for thinking it requires an X-Box controller or high-end PC to operate Evoplay Entertainment’s games on first glance.

    Battle Tanks is a prime example. The game places players in an abandoned city that’s been ravaged by war. With few places to hide and the enemy rapidly approaching, it’s a real fight to the death. Remarkable animation, dynamic music and world-class graphics elevate Battle Tanks to more than just a gambling game.

    In fact, such is the stunning spectacle on display, it almost seems a shame that Evoplay Entertainment have chosen to limit themselves to iGaming. Their talents could surely be appreciated elsewhere, primarily in the realm of video games.

    The background detail in what is, let’s remember, just a 5-reel slot, is mesmerising, with rain lashing down, lightning illuminating the skies and an orchestral score moodily setting the scene.

    Evoplay Entertainment’s other slots show that they’re not a one-trick pony either: from the bright Disney-esque world of Dolphins Treasure to the domain of Sinbad, the most fearless sailor in all the seven seas, Evoplay Entertainment’s games score highly on every possible metric.

    Evoplay Entertainment Are like Royalty

    When it comes to online gaming, Evoplay Entertainment are the undisputed kings of the genre. Other software developers could learn a lot from these masters of thrilling casino games.

    Their technology under the hood is impressive, but it’s players who will be singing Evoplay Entertainment’s praises the loudest once they experience the firm’s groundbreaking take on video slots. Entertainment doesn’t get much better than this.

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