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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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Fruitsland Slot Machine

We’ve become so used to seeing high tech, visually stimulating slot machines from Evoplay Entertainment that when one like Fruitsland comes along it leaves us a little perplexed and cautious – there’s no way they can be as good at retro gaming as they are modern. 

Actually, that’s not quite true, in fact they do a brilliant job of offering a game to a section of the community that often gets overlooked with their usual video slots. 

Although more basic than others, it is still quite attractive in its own way, with even a loading screen that has been carefully cultivated to emphasise how important fruit is to this game (and our lives, deep isn’t it?). Annnnndddd, there is even a bonus round up for grabs, which is extremely rare in slot machines that take more of a purist approach. Evoplay Entertainment have spoilt us with this one. 

Forever Fruit

There is only one non-fruit icon out of the ten available, and that is because it is a wild and thus labelled as one. That might lead you to think that the fruit we’re seeing isn’t very interesting or worthy of note, but actually they give players who find at least three of them some big rewards, we’re talking into the thousands. The lemon, which looks more like a pear, can gift up to 4,000 credits. 

The bonus is a double whammy here with two features: it gives you money and takes you to the bonus round which is all about reaching the top of the grid. It is very simple, and won’t excite players too much, but it does the job of racking up more prizes, so it can’t be that bad a thing. 

Other than that the look and feel of the slot is very bland, something we’re not accustomed to when playing with Evoplay Entertainment – the fruit just leaves a bitter aftertaste in our mouths that no amount of coffee can get rid of. It’s not that it looks bad, because in truth it is one of the best looking traditional slot machines we’ve come across, while managing to do away with a lot of the conventional fringing. Just as far as a game from this developer is concerned, it’s nothing special. 

How to Play

Learning how to play Fruitsland won’t take you long at all, as the whole layout and control panel has been designed with ease of use and speed in mind - why make a gamer wait to get playing, it’ll just make them look elsewhere. 

Most of what you need to operate this slot can be found underneath the matrix, with only the paytables tab located in the top left hand corner. At the bottom you can set your number of paylines, the bet on each line, whether you play with max amounts, set the reels spinning, double your money, autoplay, and alter the amount each coin is worth. In short, it does absolutely everything you hoped it would do. 

There are only 9 paylines here, which makes this a low variance title that is a lot easier to handle due to its smaller size, however should that number still prove too much for you, there is an option to reduce the number all the way down to 1. It isn’t recommended, but it’s about what is best for you. 

Players can bet between 1 and 200 coins per line, from 0.50 to 10.00 credits each depending on how brave they’re feeling. If they’re looking to throw caution to the wind, they need only select the max bet widget and the game takes control for you. In a similar fashion the autoplay option will do this also, removing even more player interaction out of the game, which will be ideal for some but not all. 

No Fruit for Us Please

Fruitsland is good, but it isn’t that good, and it certainly won’t entertain people for very long, for the payout and overall prizes just aren't enough to keep up with fancier more fulfilling titles. That being said, as a filler or something to enjoy among friends on a night in, then it becomes a great go-to activity for all, no matter their skill or interests.

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