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Forest Fairies

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Forest Fairies Slots

European folklore is filled with stories about little winged creatures hiding in the woods and our gardens, often depicting them as friendly; they have been the stuff of fairy tales for centuries. These mythical beings have also become heavily embroiled within the fantasy genre, and as such have a huge fan following – just think of how much people love World of Warcraft

These Forest Fairies from MultiSlot are nothing like the ones you’ve become so used to, in fact they look more like birds and other mammals rather than anything charged with power. Nonetheless, their colourful and unusual personalities are at the heart of this 25-payline, 5-reel slot machine, and so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re indeed magical. 

Frolicking with Magic

From what we can gather from the graphics used, players will find themselves in a wood of some kind, though it’s hard to tell as a wide eyed tree trunk dominates the whole screen, drawing your eyes to the 3x5 grid rather than anything else. Living inside this tree, having made this their primary home, is a selection of vibrant creatures that are like nothing we’ve seen before, as well as a few card value tiles for good measure. 

For most of these images you need to only find two matches, with the scatter and bonus being the exceptions that require a minimum of three; as you’d expect with only two matches, the payout is a lot lower. 

Out of the six icons that are all fairy based (we have to assume they’re some kind of fairy), three of them are special tiles: the wild, the bonus icon, and lastly the scatter symbol, with the wild being the highest payout of the whole game at 5,000 credits. Granted users will want that wild, badly, but the bonus round shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Should you get three of the bonus symbol, depicted as a cute green and yellow bug, players will be presented with a grid filled with flowers yet to bloom – their challenge is to match up two of the flowers in order to win. It’s very simple but it looks stunning when in action, and makes you feel like a fairy in their natural habitat, floating around appreciating the beauties of their mystical kingdom.

As for the scatter, which is a blue and white bug looking like it’s vomiting golden stars, this will bag you a selection of free games depending on how many make up your winning combination; you can have either 5, 10 or 15 spins. 

Paying Homage to the Great Tree

Seeing as all these wonders are found inside a tree, a rather creepy looking tree at that, it seems wise not to neglect offering some kind of payment to this creature, for safety if nothing else. 

Fortunately this tree doesn’t ask for much in the way of payment, and so as little as 0.05 will suffice, which is affordable for the vast majority of us. However, should customers wish to be more generous, they can increase their offering up to 5.00. You can set the amount via the plus and minus symbols below the coin value toggle. 

Bet one is how you will set those paylines, which as we’ve mentioned before totals at 25 – you can begin with as few as you like, even all the way down to 1, giving you the flexibility you need to make this activity work for you. 

The max bet widget on the other side of the spin flower will set the reels rolling, but be warned that it doesn’t alter the coin value amount, meaning that still needs to be done manually. It isn’t a massive issue by any means, but it does feel like a design oversight to us. 

A Fairy's Life for Me

The creatures in Forest Fairies are unlike any type of fairy we’ve seen before, and trust us, we’re experts on all things mythical. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth your time, for they have substantial cash prizes and a couple of bonus features that we’re sure will keep you entertained. 

The design does feel like it could have been made more inclusive if only all of the symbols had been personalised instead of a few, but sometimes you can’t have it all in slot machines. It’s a high 7 out of 10 slot, in our opinion.

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