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MultiSlot Slot Machines

MultiSlot comprises a team of game developers whose speciality is slot machine and casino software. As their name would suggest, MultiSlot are obsessed with slots in all their spinning, flashing glory.

The company is headquartered on the Isle of Man, where it is registered with the Isle of Man Gambling Commission. As a casino solution provider, MultiSlot’s focus is on serving the needs of the operator.

Facilitating customer requests and analysing playing history are one of the company’s strongest suits. Its in-depth analytics prove invaluable for online casinos seeking to increase player engagement and maximise profits.

Custom Casino Solutions

MultiSlot may produce slots, but they also do a whole lot more. They build content for social gaming and mobile platforms, as well as offering specialised products and features with bespoke solutions for the casinos they’re partnered with. More than anything, MultiSlot’s software solutions are intended to be scalable, supporting casinos as they grow and increase their portfolio of games.

Free to Play MultiSlot Slot Machine Games

The Rise of Social Gaming

As the iGaming industry has evolved, MultiSlot have kept pace, with social gaming an example of the firm’s diversification. In particular, it has enjoyed success with its suite of casino games that are accessible via Facebook. These fun games aid casinos by directing players towards the full site where the real revenue lies.

Because of the nature of social media, social gaming also allows casinos to target their ads at friends of existing players, who should be more inclined to respond favourably. With tournaments, leaderboards and unlockable levels, MultiSlot provides a number of ways for casinos to engage with players and ultimately increase its level of customers.

The boom in iGaming has coincided with the boom in smartphone ownership. And just as the majority of Facebook’s users access the site via mobile, the same trend is true of online gaming. MultiSlot’s games are designed to deliver a seamless user experience when played on mobile – one that’s on a par with the experience desktop players enjoy. It’s the same with the land-based casinos MultiSlot serves: seamless integration ensures the playing experience mirrors that of the games it provides to online casinos.

New Features, Familiar Games

Not content to rest on its laurels, MultiSlot is constantly seeking to improve its products, with its slots a prime example. Game and feature development are of particular interest to the Isle of Man-based company, and it has released a number of proprietary features such as its Bonus Rollover Indicator.

This allows players to determine at a glance the amount of additional rollover it will take to unlock a particular bonus. This may be calculated based on time or betting handle. In addition to enhancing the playing experience, this facility saves the casino operator from having to display this information.

When it’s not busy refining its game features, MultiSlot’s devs direct their talents toward devising new slots for players to enjoy. It’s committed to releasing between 8 and 10 new slots every quarter. The design of these is based, in part, on feedback received from operators as to the sort of features and bonuses that players are looking for.

Multislot and the Backend

The flashing lights and big jackpots might be what attracts players, but behind the scenes at an online casino is where the real magic happens. MultiSlot’s back office has been designed with the needs of casino operators first and foremost. It incorporates a powerful suite of tools that include detailed analytics and smooth integration.

The firm’s backend software is designed to integrate with the sort of products you’d expect to find in a typical online casino. This includes sportsbook betting, live casino, account transactions and processing monitors.

MultiSlot’s gaming engine regulates its slots, including the management of in-game bonuses and setting game rollovers. Cash bonuses, bonus play and bonus money are all overseen by its dedicated bonus engine. Meanwhile, customisable reporting allows operators to receive hourly updates on game and player performance and to see how the progressive jackpots are stacking up. This highly-customisable reporting facility can be set to display in numerical or graph format.

All the Stats

Other stats that are crunched and analysed include the number of hourly players, maximum wager, average wager, most hands played and suchlike. Win/loss reports, marketing reports, audit graphs: you name it, MultiSlot provide it. Land-based operators can access the same suite of powerful tools, allowing them to remotely manage and monitor the casino floor.

MultiSlot’s software also allows operators to utilise a cashless and account-based wagering system. The result? Enhanced player experience and reduced overheads.

Multi-Currency, Multi-Language

Because MultiSlot’s games are licensed for use in territories around the world, they come with multi-currency and multi-language functionality. Slots are a mainstay, but these features also apply to MultiSlot’s table games and video poker.

The company’s table games currently comprise four varieties: blackjack, craps, baccarat and PaiGow. PaiGow is a poker game that provides a fresh take on the familiar casino staple. The game uses a single deck of cards including a joker and sees players dealt 7 cards to start. Jokers serve as wild cards that can complete winning combos. Blackjack, craps and baccarat require no further explanation, but MultiSlot’s take on them is an attractively rendered and well-designed one, it must be said.

MultiSlot’s video poker consists of half a dozen takes on the casino game, each comprising a unique theme and/or set of rules. Jacks or Better is self-explanatory, while Deuces Wild makes any 2 a wild card that can score a win. Joker Wild, Aces and Eights, 25 Line Jacks or Better and 25 Line Jokers Wild complete MultiSlot’s video poker games.

Slots upon Slots

It’s not the number of slots MultiSlot produce that’s impressive – it’s their diversity. Titles such as the Indiana Jones-esque Lost Ruins Treasure vie for attention alongside the likes of Classic Cinema, ChessMate and Big Game Safari. The characters that grace the reels are rendered in a detailed and fetching manner that would not look out of place in a children’s storybook.

If cute sheep, ducks and pigs put a smile on your face, Barnyard Bucks is worth a look. Click on the barrel that serves as the spin button and watch the creatures tumble onto the payline in a series of baaahs, quacks and oinks.

It’s a similar tale in Big Name Safari, which again uses a custom-designed spin button, this one resembling a compass. The wild animals that form the main playing symbols look every bit as friendly as the farmyard animals of Barnyard Bucks.

While MultiSlot are content to deploy similar stylistic flourishes throughout their slots, each game has enough about it to differentiate it: bespoke spin buttons and backgrounds feature along playing card symbols that mirror the theme of the game in question. In Construction Cash, for example, the 10, J, K and Q are formed out of Meccano pieces that are screwed together.

The future of iGaming lies in the hands of casino operators that are mobile-ready and heavily involved in social gaming. In that respect, MultiSlot provide everything a land-based or online casino could wish for: attractive slots and table games with unique features, backend integration and expert analytics.

Thanks to its global reach, facilitated by multi-language and multi-currency support, MultiSlot looks like riding the iGaming wave for the foreseeable. The Isle of Man is a hotbed of ambitious software developers, and MultiSlot are the perfect example, a company that has risen from humble beginnings to become a market leader.

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