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Big Game Safari Slot

Animals win at everything, don’t they? They’re put into adverts, included in films, litter various fiction books and we still can’t get enough. We just want more. More cuteness, more teeth, more fur. Well with Big Game Safari you can get all of those and then some.

Spread out across 25 winlines and 5 reels, the basics of the game are very much what we’ve come to expect from the MultiSlot brand; they rarely change up their format. That isn’t a bad thing though, as their games are some of the easiest and quickest to adapt to, meaning you have more time spent out in the outback, basking in the glory of Mother Nature.

There’s a lot of big game out here, but the jackpot is the biggest of them all – it may not have legs or a cute face, but who needs all that noise when it adds up to x4,000 credits. We have a lot to be getting on with, so shall we crack on and get involved with the safari already?

Loading up the Jeep

All of these safaris involve a jeep of some kind, most of the time dashing through the dust and soil to bring us unnaturally close to wildlife that 9 times out of 10 wants to eat us. Your jeep takes a less usual approach, in the sense that it has no wheels, no seats and no fuel, and instead resembles the sofa in your living room.

There is a bet widget, a bet value, and the winlines that’ll all need setting before you hope to catch these majestic animals in their natural habitats. This means you need to make a fast decision about how much money you want to spend. The starting bet is priced at just €1.25, which can be broken down as 1 credit valued at 0.05 on every payline. This can be increased up to a more valuable stake of €125 should you be feeling more daring now that you’re in the great outdoors.

The compass is your guide to the terrain, allowing you to spin around from area to area. New and returning creatures are along every stop of the way; you click it and it will begin your game. Usually there’s an Autoplay option but MultiSlot hasn’t bothered to include one here, meaning it’s a manual playthrough for you. It’s a pain, but only a minor one.

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Big Game Safari

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On the Lookout

Rather fittingly, the bonus round is all about you discovering the most rewarding animals from the vast animal kingdom; normally this would be an arduous task, but all of them have been placed onto a wheel. Users spin said wheel and a figure will pop up that turns into their cash prize.

We actually like the simplicity of the bonus round, even despite the fact that we had been waiting for something more immersive; it brings a new quality to the game, keeps interest alive, and pays quite well. Lack of innovation isn’t going to coast MultiSlot any brownie points with this mini game.

Another symbol that is of a dying breed is the zebra free spins tile, and when we say zebra we mean the thing that’s been given black and white stripes with the head of a snake. Honestly, it’s not adorable it’s pretty darn freaky.

Moving on, players need three, four or five of the icons to begin the rounds, and then they’ll only been given a total of spins based on the matches they made. The most anyone can hope to play is 15 rounds, which can be re-activated during this period.

The wild symbol is another of the big ones you’ll hope to capture on film whilst gallivanting across the landscape, for it’s the one with the jackpot total attached to it, and it’s actually a chubby purple hippo. What’s not to like! This particular icon will also remove other symbols except for the free spins and bonus, which is standard in most slot machines.

Returning to Camp

After a day of exploration, we need to reflect and decompress, thinking upon the day's events; we’ve seen a lot and done a lot, which should mean we’re content. And to some extent we are, but Big Game Safari never came into its own – it always felt like we were playing another game dressed up in a new design. Call us cynical, but slot machines shouldn’t be about that.

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