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ChessMate Slot Machine

Well isn’t this just darling, chess with cute pawns and even more adorable knights, followed by a fabulous pink haired queen whose cheeks we want to pinch. We’re almost certain we haven’t fallen down the rabbit hole, yet everything looks so different and exciting, and most definitely a lot more interesting.

Strategy games can feel boring, let's get that out there right now, and so a lot of people don’t play chess for they see it as a mature (and dull) game. Don’t shoot the messenger. What MultiSlot has done is to make chess more enjoyable, allowing us to partake in the fun of it without physically having to play it.

Those who excel at the game will probably laugh in our faces, but for us this is as good as the real thing, and it gives out cash too. Chess doesn’t do that unless you’re good enough to be in a tournament; take that, elitists.

Make Your Move

The rules of this game are far easier than the stuffy rules of chess, and so we’ll be able to whizz through them like lightning rather than droning on and on. We’ll begin by looking at just how much you can bet when you play; when not in demo mode the starting fee is 0.05. This can then be increased in small increments until the maximum amount is obtained, a solid 1 credit.

After this you will need to then select how many of these coins you wish to bet. Players have between 1 and 5 for each of the winlines, which means the bet can soon grow to outside casual gaming parameters. To make sure you never play with what you haven’t got, Chessmate has a Total Bet display for you to keep your eyes on. Thankfully you’ll never see the final stake grow larger than 75 coins, though some may say that’s still way too much money to part with.

In the same click and select system, customers then choose the number of paylines they have active during the game, with the total being only 15. We advise you don’t alter them to ensure you get the best experience, but you can always deviate from the guidelines given, you rebel you.

What Chessmate is lacking, sorely so, is an Autoplay option. They’re not the be all and end all, but they always make slot machine playthroughs a lot easier going. When they’re not included we become weary of the amount of times we’ll have to thrash our spacebar or mouse just to play the game. Why MultiSlot, why?

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Gracious Queen

Don’t get confused between the queen and the bonus round logo. Although the queen shows up in this mini level, her symbol isn’t the one you need to match. After matching at least three of them, you’ll be shown a different screen where you have to select which chessboards you want, with only three choices being handed out. The amount from each will be revealed and the queen will give you the one with the highest value.

Just don’t go looking for any bonus symbols during the free spins, as they won’t appear – MultiSlot doesn’t want you to have all the fun at once, and so has made the two features very separate. This isn’t a move only adopted by this brand, as a lot of others tend to keep their features apart to ensure a more challenging experience for users.

In regards to the free spins, the amount you can gain is quite a lot smaller than we’re accustomed to when playing with the MultiSlot, and so it left us a bit… lost. We were ready to snap up over 60 free games, but what we got was a total of 9 for five matches of the correct tile. Don’t get us wrong, any waves that don’t have to be paid for are brilliant, but when you’ve worked hard and kept spinning to match the symbols up, you want to be treated well for your efforts.


We’ve got to say that we like Chessmate, even despite the odd flaws it obviously has, such as the no Autoplay and small free spin totals. It has a spirit about it, a childlike fun that makes us giddy when we play. The only area that will really divide opinion is the way it looks, it’s very fancy and girly and not everyone wants to play a slot machine designed that way.

Having said that, there are other titles for you to play if your palette is more refined and exclusive, so don’t hang about bothering with a game you know you won’t like.

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