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Arabian Oasis Slot Machine

The term ‘oasis’ has been associated with many different places across the globe, usually somewhere with a beach and sand, preferably with a cocktail bar somewhere nearby. What we don’t usually get is an Arabian Oasis, yet that’s what MultiSlot has created for us in this game. And we’re loving it.

Having watched Aladdin a lot when we were children, and when our kids were little, we’ve become transfixed with magic carpets and nights under a velvet coloured sky. If it’s good enough for a Disney prince and princess, it’s definitely good enough for the likes of us.

A Whole New World

The 5 reels look anything from ordinary in their Arabian decorated and themed grandness, from drab tiles they’ve become beautifully vibrant windows that look our over the desert landscape. The multiple hues of different blues give an exotic feel to its appearance, which in turn enhances how we engage with the game; for just a moment we can pretend we’re elsewhere in the world.

The vines that snake up the walls and around our windows add a whimsical effect to what we see, further emphasised by the magic of the symbols that keep appearing. As this is a novelty theme, a lot of the icons have been decorated to match, giving you a belly dancing princess, a wise sultan, a sword wielding villain and a whole host of other Arabian paraphernalia.

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Arabian Oasis

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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What a Magical Place

Just look at that sunset, a hazy ombre of orange fading into deep blue - you don’t get that when you look out your bedroom window at home! This spectacular view isn’t just easy on the eyes, it can also be kind on your wallets, with a range of money unlocked when you obtain three or more of them. Finding all five tiles will always pay out the most, with the prize being a set of 80 free games rather than any money.

Continuing on with the wonderment of magic, there’s the strumming of the sitar, a cultural instrument that was favoured by George Harrison from the Beatles. It’s unique sound can be heard over the reels whenever you make a winning line, with the most intoxicating of sounds heard when you discover five of them. When the stars align and you find yourself in the possession of such a find, you’ll be walking away with €7,500.

Never Known Beauty Like This

It would be wrong of us to dangle the special features in front of you and then not mention the other symbols of the paytable, they may not be ‘special’ but they have plenty of cash to give you too. Such as the sultan, he can reward you between 5 and 4,000 credits; that’s such a diverse returns range it makes us excited with anticipation. And then we have his daughter (we’ve applied the Disney dynamics and just rolled with it), a woman who can dance her way to 1,000 coins in five easy placements.

What we really do enjoy about the paytable though, is that the villain has been given a lesser amount of gold; he’s valued more highly than the basic tiles, but he’s still not up there with the other symbols. A lot of games ignore the archetypes associated with their designs, but not MultiSlot.

High Up in the Clouds

With your head in the clouds you can almost forget to place your bet, and that would be a terrible error to make, for from just 0.05 per line you can play Arabian Oasis. Of course, the brand has taken into account that many of you will want to go bigger than that, which is why the maximum bet is found at the €25 mark. It’s still manageable, and yet it has the promise of greater returns.

Relaxed and Refreshed

An oasis is meant to allow the senses and body to re-heal and let go of what stresses it, and that’s what Arabian Oasis has done for us. There’s no need of a full body massage when you have the gentle caress of its reels. For saying it’s a slot machine, and that gambling is meant to be highly strung, we felt nothing but calm as we played through, even when we lost money.

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