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Vampires Slot Machine

Do you have the nerve to enter the spooky house where you will have to face all kinds of creepy encounters for a chance to win?

Vampires from Portomaso Gaming is an atmospheric game which offers 3D graphics and although there’s plenty of prizes on offer, it’s not for the faint of heart!

But will Vampires leave you with an appetite for battling the undead or will you be sucked dry by the bloodthirsty creatures? Here’s a review of Vampires by Portomaso Gaming including everything you need to start play.

Enter If You Dare

From the moment you load the game, you’ll be left in no doubt that Vampires is only for the brave with the eerie haunted house which looms up out of the smoke.

Enter at your own risk to face whatever lies within, and do battle for your chance to walk away with plenty of prizes.

The vampiric theme is expertly executed with 3D graphics which are beautifully designed - so be prepared for lots of gory detail!

With bats flying in the air, and a black and forbidding sky, the exterior of the house provides the backdrop for the game. On the reels you’ll find even more spooky symbols with everything from a hand clawing out of a coffin to garlic, a spellbook, a glass of human blood, a blood-soaked neck with two bite marks, a tiny bottle of poison, a blood-covered axe, and of course, those tell-tell pointed fangs! Don’t say you weren’t warned about the graphic content…

The wolf howling in the background completes the disturbing scene – but there’s still time to run and save yourself!

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Undead Riches

If you’ve steeled your nerve to continue, you’ll need to find out exactly what prizes await in return for your bravery in ploughing ever on.

To see what’s on offer you’ll need the paytable which can be accessed via the Paytable button found on the bottom left of the reels. Ignore the fact the word appears to have been scrawled in blood….

Enter into the paytable to find out which spooky symbols will win you the most and you’ll quickly see that the woman with the bitten neck is what you’ll want to spin, with five matching symbols netting you an unearthly win of 2,000. Spin just three of the same symbol and you’ll grab a prize of 450. The spell book is the lowest value prize with a win of 5 for matching five symbols, and a win of 2 for matching three symbols.

But you could increase your winnings even further if you spin any of the special symbols found on the reels.

The cloves of garlic are the scatter symbol which give you 10 free spins and multiply your winnings between 3 and 5 times, depending on how many garlic cloves you match.

The fangs offer you the chance to play a bonus game if you match three of these symbols, with a potential win of 140. If you match five bonus symbols, the potential win increases to 420!

There’s also the wild symbol which doesn’t increase the amount you win but makes it easier to get a matching combination by standing in for any of the other play symbols on the reels.

Put Your Life on the Line

When you’re ready to start playing, you’ll need to decide how much risk you’re prepared to take.

The game is played on five reels but there’s a potential 25 paylines on offer, but it’s up to you how many you choose to activate. You can play with between 1 and 10 coins per line and the value of each can be set between 0.01 and 2.00 so there’s lots of flexibility on the stake.

For those wanting a big payout, the Max Bet button increases the stake to the highest possible level and starts the reels spinning immediately so be sure before you click this! A max bet brings the chance of a jackpot win but you could also lose big too, so will you dare to risk it in this game of luck and chance?

Undead Delights

The theme of Vampires by Portomaso Gaming is brilliantly executed with gameplay spooky and the graphics offered in rich (and gruesome!) detail. This makes the game an attractive play for those who like a little bit of fantasy to go along with the prizes on offer.

The potential winnings are high so this makes Vampires a good option for those aiming for a big win, while the simple structure means it’s also accessible for newbies. A good game for anyone who dares to face the undead!

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