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Inflate Love

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Inflate Love Slots

If you thought Inflate Love was a game celebrating the love between a man and his blow-up doll, you were wrong. Portomaso Gaming’s 5-reeler is far more innocent than that.

In fact, it’s a cutesy little effort that looks like it’s been designed for children, were it not for the fact that slots are a serious business reserved for adults. Still, who’s to say grown-ups can’t appreciate party balloons and lurid colours? Especially when there’s the added incentive of winning shedloads of coins just for pushing a few buttons.

Zany Idea

Slots don’t always have to tackle bold themes such as Egyptian kings and classic horror movies: there’s fun to be had and money to be made in mining the simpler things in life like, well, inflatable balloons. Zany? Mos def. Endearing? Without a shadow of a doubt.

The first time you see this five-reel slot up close you’ll do a double take. Are these guys for real? They certainly are. Who knows where Portomaso Gaming get their ideas from, but they’re to be commended for thinking outside the box.

Inflate Love isn’t going to revolutionise the world of online slots, but it’s going to entertain you for as long as you can stand the cheery music and colourful symbols. Get ready to take your love for video slots to the next level with the one and only Inflate Love.

For the Love of Money

Five reels and 25 paylines form the grid where the action will unfold. The backdrop for the game comprises a medley of balloons, floating above a landscape of green hills and lush valleys.

The inflatable element of the game doesn’t stop there: balloons are also used to form the title of the slot, Inflate Love spelled out via a series of coloured novelty balloons. Take a glance at the reels and you’ll spot yet more balloons, this time used to frame each of the reels. It’s a veritable party there.

Then we have the symbols themselves, most of which are formed out of... that’s right, yet more balloons. The playing card symbols are shaped out of brightly coloured balloons, with a translucent background allowing the montage of balloons behind the reels to shine through. More original are the game’s special symbols, which are formed out of novelty balloons, the sort you might be presented with at TGI Friday’s on your birthday.

For sheer cuteness, the dinosaur, snowman and seahorse are the pick of the bunch. Other symbols of note include a castle, treasure chest and the bonus symbol which comes in the form of a bright red heart.

The game’s wild symbol, a whale, is helpfully identified with ‘WILD’ in yellow beneath it. This symbol will serve as a substitute for any of the other symbols except for jackpot, scatter and bonus. 3 wild symbols on a line will pay 75, rising to 100 and 250 for 4 and 5 symbols. With the bonus symbol, it’s a similar story.

The amount you can win for securing 3, 4 or 5 hearts on a line depends on the amount that you’ve staked per line. Enter the bonus feature and you can win a maximum of 615, which would be for 5 hearts. The scatter symbol comes in the form of a giraffe. This little baby will grant you free spins galore.

Three giraffes will equate to 15 spins while 4 giraffes secure 10 spins but with a multiplier of 2. It’s a similar story for 5 giraffes, which provides 5 free spins but with a multiplier of 3.

Watch Your Wealth Balloon

Inflate Love is the sort of game that you can happily play for hours. That’s not to say you’ll want to - you do have a life to lead after all. In terms of gameplay, however, the difficulty is pitched just right.

It’s easy enough to keep cycling your coins, keeping you supplied with just enough funds to keep playing and keep chasing that elusive jackpot. Most of your wins will come from scoring 3 symbols in a line, aided and abetted by wild, but the greatest wins will come courtesy of scatter.

There’s the obligatory autoplay option, but in truth Inflate Love is the sort of game that’s far more enjoyable when it’s played manually. Turn up those chirpy, feel-good sound effects, hit start and savour the spectacle that is a video slot based around the theme of inflatable balloons. Wonders never cease.

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