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Bike Mania Slot Machine

Get your motor running, head out on the highway, looking for big winnings, and whatever bonuses come your way...

OK, sorry, that was about as bad ass and leather clad as a new election campaign, but then again Bike Mania isn’t really about that. Instead, it’s about sticking yourself in the saddle of a BMX, hitting the dirt tracks and pulling off some sweet moves, whilst building parts for a bike that equate to cash in the bank. Which, winning money aside, may not sound quite as exciting, unless of course you’ve watched any BMX competitions, ever.

So the idea is to go full throttle and make brave leaps, bunny hops and skids towards major cash prizes whilst careering round a BMX course that’s actually a five reel slot. The game wants you to go fast, play fast, and win fast, and it has all the right ingredients to do just that. Well, all it really needs is those five slot reels- check- batches of images – in this case themed on BMX bikes (so check)- and a series of pre-determined betting lines that you wager your cash on; definitely check.

Looking Good (Or at Least Well Protected)

Sometimes it feels like there are two types of slots in the world- at least visually speaking. On the one hand, some look like the graphics are actually lo-res shots taken on an early camera phone, of sprite graphics from the Mega Drive era. On the other are those that need to pre-load, and come with all sorts of animated, Flash-powered bells and whistles.

Bike Mania is neither.

So the pictures look pretty sharp- stuff like peddles and chains, cogs, protective gloves, buts, bolts, and letters, but they aren’t really anything to right home about. In fact, you might actually start wishing they were worse, just to give yourself something to talk about as a distraction from the intensity of the game itself.

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Bike Mania

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Kicking off the Ramp

Before you go headfirst into a bowl or half-pipe, it’s important to understand how to get the most out of your bike – or game – in order to stand the best chance of winning.

Like the vast majority of other gamblers, Bike Mania allows you to adjust the size of your coin value. This is important, as it basically increases the payout you stand to receive as you increase the coin value. To do this simply click ‘Coin Value’ at the bottom of the screen.

Now you need to choose how many lines you want to play at a time- this will obviously boost your opportunities to win- the more lines you play at once, the more chance there is of matching icons on one of your lines. This game has an impressive 25 active paylines that can be brought into play, but remember the more you introduce to your game, the more you’re going to be spending on every roll of the dice you make.

Competing on the Track

Once you press spin, ‘They’re off’, so to speak. The race, or rather game has begun and in order to pip your opponent – the game – to the post you’ll need to start matching up icons. These mostly relate to the parts of a bicycle, but there are some specials to look out for, and these really make the competition interesting.

Bike Mania employs the Wild card effect; these symbols can be used to substitute any other to make a match, other than Scatter, Jackpot and Bonus. By matching between three and five Scatters you’ll receive ten, 15, or 20 free spins. Bonuses, on the other hand, will enter you into a bonus race for the biggest bucks going- a guaranteed adrenalin ride. Jackpots do as they say on the tin- offer jackpots.

Could Do Better…

On the whole, Bike Mania’s a lot more basic to look at colour wise than many modern competitors, and some of the symbols are perhaps a little too similar to others on the reels for instant recognition to be completely straightforward.

BMX riding is definitely exciting, but you can’t help but feel like there are probably better ways to realise that theme in a slot than this. Having said that, with so much bonus and extra going on during your game, you certainly won’t be retiring from this sport any time soon.

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