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Dirty Jack Slot

If you’ve ever loaded up an online slot machine and thought to yourself ‘Ahh, I wish this was a little closer to the genuine experience of playing a slot machine in a bar or casino’, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Dirty Jack is about as straight up slot machine as you are likely to find anywhere on that big bad old internet. The whole screen feels like you’re standing at a slot machine in a bar or casino, and so to some extent you could almost file it under the category ‘Simulator’, because for all intents and purposes that’s what it does – simulate the feeling of playing on a gambler. All you need is the smell of booze in the air, and a stiff drink made by a professional, and you might as well stop going out now.

Of course this would all be for naught if the thing didn’t look the part, and first impressions of Dirty Jack are really very good. The animation is smooth, with the slot machine face lighting up in sequences and generally looking as busy as they do in real life. Indeed, you could be forgiven for reaching into the pockets for change, it’s that realistic. OK, that’s about it for the introductions- nothing else to say really- so let’s get on with the main event.

Two Pints of Lager

Dirty Jack is almost like one of those stories within a story. The game itself is themed on playing a slot machine, but the slots are themselves themed on the Wild West. So, we have plenty of familiar iconography knocking about. Cowboy hats, frothy beers, and in the background a dusty, cartoon frontier town.

Helpfully, the Paytable is permanently fixed at the top of the gambling machine, as it would be in real life. Although this means the pictures are pretty small, they are all distinguishable enough from one another to mean this doesn’t mean you’ll find it particularly hard to decipher. As per usual, the aim is to match up like pictures in threes across the three reels. The images range from two pistols in the cross-swords position, to wanted posters, two silver bullets, and top of the pile- three sevens.

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Dirty Jack

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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Opening the Door

As this is a classic slot machine with just 3 paylines there’s not a lot you can do to increase or decrease your odds of winning. You can, however, adjust the amount you’re betting at once by hitting - or + on the Coin Value at the bottom of the screen. The more you’re willing to put in, the more you’re going to get out when your numbers come up. Or indeed BAR signs. Or bullets. You get the point anyway, so enough said, as they say.

Dead or Alive

This is the bit when the wheat will definitely be separated from the chaff, and only the strong will survive. If you only play gamblers because you enjoy things like Wild cards and Scatters, or even bonus rounds, then it’s time to run out of town like the cowardly pilgrim we always knew you were. Put simply, put any thoughts of such distractions aside permanently, because there are none of those things in Dirty Jack.

What that means is that this is all about straight up gambling- no nonsense stuff, a bit like a duel in the town square at dawn, only with less chance of someone dying, and more than an outside chance of someone walking away with heavier pockets than they started playing with. Just in case that wasn’t clear enough, the someone in question is (hopefully) you, so count your blessings that you stumbled upon this game. After all, everyone wants a chance of winning big, don’t they?

Dirty Fun

So Dirty Jack may not have many bells, and lacks the whistles of many other slot machines out there, but we say that actually works in its favour.

You don’t get high-tech animated bonus rounds when you’re piling pound coins into a slot machine in a bar or pub, or anywhere else that isn’t online, so why should you here. After all, this is all about recreating that bar room experience, so probably best start hoping that this isn’t one of those bars from old Western films, where fights and brawls seem to be more regular occurrences than someone actually managing to finish a drink without getting it smashed over their head.

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