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Outta Space Slot

There’s a lotta slots out there and only so many hours in the day in which to play them. How do you choose which ones to dive into and which ones to skirt? By reading online reviews of course – reviews like this one, which outline the game’s high points and low points. The good news with Outta Space is that the verdict is almost entirely good. 

The game is a PariPlay number, and they’ve outdone themselves with this charming 5-reel effort. If your childhood involved any of the following: X-Files, Futurama, glow in the dark alien stickers, Kellogg’s Ricicles, prepare to nostalgia hard. 

Ace Space

Sound, graphics, animations: they’re all rendered beautifully, with an attention to detail that shows PariPlay have done their homework. Underneath it all, a smooth game engine keeps everything ticking over smoothly and makes for an immersive gaming experience.

If you’re a big fan of little green men from Mars (or ‘ayy lmaos’ to use the internet vernacular), Outta Space has your name written all over it. Get ready for blast off, cos here comes a retro rocket that’s gonna catapult you all the way back to your school days. 

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Outta Space

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Stellar Success One Reel at a Time 

Outta Space is set inside a spaceship, with a display screen inside the rocket containing the game’s 5 reels. On either side, the reels are flanked by a digital display with a single digit number for each of the slot’s 9 lines. You don’t have to play with all 9 of course – anywhere from 1 to 9 is permissible. 

With a jackpot of a cool 100,000 up for grabs, it’s fair to say you won’t be playing Outta Space for nostalgic reasons alone. Sure, it’s nice to recall your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut and journeying to mars, but more than anything, it’s nice to win some serious money. Like, really nice. 

It’s worth reiterating how good this slot looks. PariPlay have surpassed themselves with this one, even by their own lofty standards. In a world where many software houses seem content to churn out dull slots that are essentially clones of one another, it’s nice to see a company raising the bar all the way to the stratosphere and then keep on going. Press Spin and the reels will start to do their thing. 

Alternatively, selecting Auto Bet will pull up a box where you can enter exactly how many rounds you’d like the machine to roll on your behalf. Any time you want to regain control of your craft, just hit the red stop symbol. 

Space to Play

The game’s low-level symbols are claimed by 10, J, Q, K and A. Most slots don’t award wins for a pair of matching symbols, but Outta Space sure does. The wins are puny – you’ll be awarded just 2 for a a pair of 10 or J symbols – but this rises to 1,000 and 2,000 respectively for 5 in line. 

The proprietary symbols that accord to the theme of Outta Space are easier on the eye and a lot easier on your wallet. 5 space stations are worth 6,000, the phaser/stun gun is worth 7,000, the waving astronaut is worth 8,000, the floating space city 9,000 and the space rocket 10,000. 

Scatter is claimed by the alien space craft, while wild is performed by a trio of ayy lmaos, their black beady eyes bulging in the way that alien eyes always do in pop culture. Wild can substitute for any of the symbols except for scatter. While many slots feature decent graphics coupled with naff music, Outta Space excels on both counts. 

If you want to truly immerse yourself in this game, don’t mute it – crank it up. The eerie alien sounds will be familiar to anyone who’s ever watched an episode of X-Files or any 80s UFO movie. As the rells spin, the alien bleeps will be complemented by the sound of a space rocket counting down, radios crackling and all the other noises that are synonymous with outer space. 

In space no one can hear you scream, but don’t let that prevent you from whooping with joy should you land 5 rockets in a row. 

Outta This World!

With a maximum 32 x multiplier courtesy of the wild symbol, scoring big with Outta Space is certainly not beyond the realms of possibility. Big money, epic graphics and cool sound effects characterise PariPlay’s 5-reel slot that will take you back to your youth before hurtling you into the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

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