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Dino Mania Slot

Slot game players are used to traveling through space and time on a regular basis thanks to their favourite games, and the subject of our discussion today is going to take them all the way back to the very origins of humanity.

Dino Mania is a video slot game from PariPlay that takes place a few millions of years ago in an alternate universe where cavemen and dinosaurs roamed the planet at the same time. With an easy gameplay and decent winning possibilities, the game has a great potential right off the bat.

You can learn more about Dino Mania and its rules if you take a moment to go through our review of the game.

Not as Dangerous as it Seems

Travelling back to prehistoric times would sound dangerous to anybody, but Dino Mania is really keeping things light and friendly.

The game has a decent graphic quality with cartoon-like graphics and light colours. The small reel set and paytable leave a lot of space for a detailed background landscape of volcanoes, strange plants and a stream running across an otherwise arid plain.

All the practical elements of Dino Mania appear to be carved out of stone, with a rather friendly-looking caveman perched on top of the reels.

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Dino Mania

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Right to the Point and Ready to Go

Dino Mania is a simple slot game that focuses on easy rules and lets players see exactly what their options are right from the start. Keep an eye on the different displays to see where you stand,

The reel set in the middle of the screen features only 3 reels, with a horizontal payline in the middle. The different reel symbols in Dino Mania have to line up onto that payline in order to trigger cash rewards throughout the game. You can start by using the (+) and (-) arrows in order to select a coin value before choosing your bet level. You can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins per spin. Feel free to adjust your settings at any time.

Spin the reels once you are ready, and always remember that Dino Mania bases its rewards on both the symbols aligned on the screen and the amount of money you are currently betting on the reels. Increase your bet size to aim for higher cash prizes, and you can even use the bet max button to make sure that you are playing with the highest bet possible with just a click.

Keep an Eye on the Paytable

Dino Mania, just like many simple slot games, chooses to display an exhaustive list of all winning combinations on the game screen at all times. You will find it in the upper right-hand corner and you should probably study it a little before you place your first bet on the reels of Dino Mania.

The 3 columns of the symbol menu represent the 3 bet levels available. They will light up according to your current bet settings. The stone symbols are the most common symbols in Dino Mania, allowing combinations of 1 and 2 icons to be valid for prizes going from 2 to 15 credits, according to your bet level.

The rest of the symbol menu contains various prehistoric animals and dinosaurs, from saber-toothed tigers to triceratops. All the remaining combinations are made up of 3 identical symbols, with rewards going up to the thousands for the rarest items. A combination of the 3 rarest dinosaurs coupled with a maximum bet of 3 coins is the key to the Dino Mania jackpot, a surprise mega win that will fill up your pockets instantly.

No Frills, Just Big Wins

Dino Mania is a rather cute slot game devoid of original features. Instead, the gameplay is quite basic and does not offer anything else besides spinning the reels and waiting for a symbol combination to appear on the single payline. As a result, Dino Mania can prove to be quite repetitive and is probably best suited for beginner players looking for an easy way to start on the slot game market.

On the other hand, Dino Mania have a decent array of potential cash rewards despite its short and simple paytable. Three-symbol combinations start at 10 credits and can go up to 2,000, or to the jackpot of course. This means that you could be surprised at how frequent relatively big wins can land into your credit total.

So, if you are not afraid of a small challenge and have some patience to spare, you should probably give Dino Mania a try and see where the reels take you.

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