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PariPlay Slot Machines

PariPlay are the creators of some extremely diverse products that can nevertheless be united under the iGaming banner. The company’s online games and systems are geared towards online casino and lottery operators, but ultimately it’s the players who give PariPlay’s products the seal of approval that heralds repeat visits and regular revenue streams for operators.

A multi-channel gaming business, PariPlay specialises in the development, licensing and operation of Real Money Gaming (RMG) games and systems. It supplies its products and services to clients who operate in regulated national and international markets, with B2B its focus. It also provides on-site solutions for land-based operators.

From CRM to reporting and CMS to business administration, PariPlay takes care of the sometimes dull but always essential behind the scenes stuff – the nuts and bolts that hold together the daily operations of all online casinos. It may not be glamorous, but it has to be done and PariPlay’s software works flawlessly in this regard, aggregating the analytics, payment processing, third-party integration and other tools that are a must.

Thanks to the modular system PariPlay deploys, clients can choose the tools they need and discard the rest. PariPlay’s platform is compatible with virtually any other system that casino operators are likely to have in place, aided by a cleanly coded API, a well-designed front end and a backend that takes care of all the complex stuff without grumbling. With products designed for desktop, mobile and social channels, PariPlay have got all bases covered.

Free to Play PariPlay Slot Machine Games

Pariplay Platforms

PariPlay deals with five distinct platforms: iGaming, Mobile On Premise, Video Lottery Terminal, Social and iLottery.

Let’s start with iGaming, which is where PariPlay’s passion shines through and its experience proves invaluable. Instead of forcing its clients to adopt an off-the-shelf package, PariPlay devises bespoke solutions, based around its proprietary platform with its modular architecture.

SMTM is PariPlay’s backend platform, bringing with it the ability to finely control every last element of a site, be it iGaming, social, lottery or mobile. PariPlay is extremely proud of its own platform, having invested many years and a lot of capital in perfecting its SMTM software. Thanks to SMTM, organisations can bring multiple platforms together under one roof, meshing them seamlessly and coupling them to PariPlay’s slick and intuitive GUI. Clients who entrust PariPlay with their business can look forward to eliminating the need for multiple disparate systems.

Granular security settings ensure that privacy and security can be maintained, while fully customisable reporting and analytics allow operators to determine exactly how their casino or lottery is performing. With full call centre integration, clients can expect instant support whenever they encounter a problem that requires troubleshooting or have a query.

PariPlay’s casino API brings disparate platforms together, with SMTM taking games from various software vendors and unifying them into a single platform that works seamlessly.

Going Mobile

Mobile on Premises is one of PariPlay’s leading technologies that threatens to shake up – or ‘disrupt’, to use the vernacular – the way land-based casinos engage with their customers.

Traditionally, punters place their bets on the casino floor, but Mobile on Premises promises to change all that. The technology places the power in the palm of your hand, namely the power to bet without getting out of your seat at the bar. This may not seem like a big deal, but in the realm of casino gaming, it’s as major as the invention of the television remote control.

No longer are players tied to the slot machine or the poker table; they can keep on gaming while they grab a bite to eat within the premises or lounge by the poolside. The increased revenue this can bring to casino operators makes Mobile on Premises an extremely attractive proposition.

Casinos who avail themselves of this technology can expect increased player engagement via mobile devices and the ability to appeal to a wider range of customers through offering a diverse range of games.

Life’s a Lottery

Lotteries have come a long way from the days of the state-run televised affairs that were once the only show in town. Video lottery terminals have changed all that and it’s a movement that PariPlay have been at the vanguard of. The terminals have proved extremely popular with players, while the profits they bring in for operators are not to be sniffed at.

PariPlay’s iLottery solutions are designed to be entertaining and engaging from a playing perspective, with flexible and granular algorithm controls coupled with deep integration back-office tools, using SMTM, keeping operators happy.

PariPlay’s commitment to lottery extends far beyond the constraints of video lottery terminals; iLottery has enabled the firm to bring its fixed odds algorithm ticketing technology to a wide audience. PariPlay believes that every lottery operator deserves the ability to bring the best lottery games to its players and that’s exactly what it does, with SMTM powering the whole affair.

The company’s fixed odds technology is highly customisable and scalable, allowing operators to refine their gaming operations to maximise revenue and configure everything from the odds of winning to the prize pool amount.

Gaming Goes Social

Always ahead of the curve, PariPlay have been swift to latch on to the possibilities offered by social gaming. Now a multi-billion industry, social gaming allows players to enjoy a range of games within an array of social channels, negating the need to navigate to third party websites. This is particularly beneficial to mobile players, who are accounting for an increasing chunk of the iGaming pie.

PariPlay caters to clients who are looking to launch social gaming as a standalone venture as well as to those seeking to make it a branch of their existing iGaming operation. Using social networks such as Facebook, operators can increase engagement and ultimately boost their bottom line.

PariPlay’s SMTM tools prove their worth once more, the powerful back-office providing analytics, bonus management, marketing tools, tournament management and notifications, among other things.

How popular does social gaming have the potential to be? Put it this way, PariPlay’s Crazy Cash Slots on Facebook has more than one million active users, making it one of the most successful social apps of all time.

Great Games from Pariplay

PariPlay make a wide range of online and casino-based games, dozens of titles spanning slots, keno, bingo and much more. The firm’s slots are typically lurid and cartoon-like, with lots of humour and some neat features.

If you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to fruit machines, Fruit Abductor, which sees alien spacecraft beam up chunks of fruit, will cause you to change your tune. Other titles include Treasure Fright, Super Skee Ball, Dr Scratchwell’s New Adventure and The Witch Race.

The phrase ‘something for everyone’ may have been done to death, but it’s one that applies in the case of PariPlay. The sheer range of slots to behold is bewildering, but great from a playing perspective. While most casinos will only feature a small selection of these games, PariPlay’s titles can be found on a plethora of sites so it shouldn’t be hard to track down your favourites.

While players will be kept entertained by the slots, PariPlay’s real winners are online and land-based casino operators who can look forward to record engagement and profits due to PariPlay’s proprietary technology that works wonders, both behind the scenes and at the front end. You may not have been aware of it, but you’ve probably played a bunch of PariPlay games or used a PariPlay platform already.

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