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Tropic Dancer

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Tropic Dancer Slot

For all our readers who are connoisseurs of exotic dances, finally a slot to feed your passion is here, and how! Lo and behold, Tropic Dancer, a video slot (mobile compatible) by Casino Technology that celebrates the fading art of exotic dancing, and everything that goes with it is ready to be played. Its heady design and hazy ambiance are surely going to make you lose yourself in their confines, perhaps the only sign of a good slot we should looking for.

But that’s not all – a clean and easy gameplay that is ably supported by decent enough payouts means that playing this slot is not just fun and frolics, for there’s some serious green to be won when you play for real stakes!

More About The Theme And Visual Appearances

The theme chosen by Casino Technology for this slot is that of an exotic dance club where various dance forms are practised and admired. Surely, this strays a lot from the usual fruity-golden themes that Casino Technology seems to be in an utter awe of. And for that, if not much else, we need to give them a big hand.

Apart from that, the appearances of this slot are middling, to be quite honest. The pink-magenta colour scheme isn’t really that appealing, and, at times, it hovers dangerously close to being outright annoying. So, in short, the first impression that Tropic Dancer had on us made us wonder if it could have used a few more resources in the design and looks department.

Let’s Talk Business, Now!

Okay. Now that we’ve got the looks and other things out of the way, let’s try to get to know this slot a little better.

Built with the classic, powerful Casino Technology Engine, this slot is as safe as a player can hope to see. Having a three-tier wager protection means that your wagers will be safe, even during inadvertent mishaps like loss of power/internet connection.

Another familiar set-up of 5 reels and 25 paylines ensures that slotters who are not too comfortable playing around with a host of confusing game features and modes can find some much-needed respite here. After all, it’s about enjoying your time, isn’t it?

Since the paylines are fixed, there’s no need for you to worry about manipulating their arrangement, either. Just log on, wager and spin – there’s really no other way to get these exotic dancers to perform for you.

Getting Paid – It’s All Too Tingly!

Getting lucky and getting paid is perhaps the best aspect of any slot game.

Tropic Dancer is no exception to this. But to be able to reap, you need to sow first, while putting in some hard yards. With one coin allowed to be put at stake for every payline, you can only stretch your wagers up to $5 (since the bottleneck of wagers is set at 20 cents per coin).

It is true that with $5 not much can be won. But then again, anything that allows us to fold our wagers 100 times has to be a good bet! Yes, you read it right – 100 times!

How, you ask? Let’s see!

Are You Feeling Lucky Tonight?

If no, just hit the bed. If yes, then come on over into the world of Tropic Dancer and spin the reels as fast as you can. Replete with symbols that all depict exotic dancers of one kind or another, it’s very much possible for you to recover your wagers and then some, using nothing but the base game. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to the base game, because the special symbols are already conspiring to make things more interesting for you.

The wild symbol here is a moustached male dancer (think of Prince in ‘Purple Rain’). It appears on all the reels (save the first one), and can only be used to shuffle regular symbols around.

The scatter (a golden disco ball), however, is a different matter altogether. It’s an expanding symbol that can take over the entire screen (occupying as many as 15 places). If and when that happens, know your cue to start thanking your stars, because you will be getting 2,500 coins worth of a jackpot along with 33 absolutely free spins. If it can get better than that, you know where to find us!

Dancing For Joy

Tropic Dancer is a slot that relies heavily on tried and tested formulae. It plays safe and pays handsome, making sure that the time you spend here won’t all be in vain.

While the expanding scatter had our upvote, the no-multiplier and no-jackpot wild sort of dashed our hopes for a better turnaround.

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