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Purple Hot 2 Slots

Creativity is one thing that just cannot be taken for granted. Even the best of creative minds – from Chopin to Wagner and Woolf to Hemingway – are known to have struggled with mental blocks for varying periods.

When that is the case, we really wouldn’t want to hold it against Casino Technology for pushing their repertoire of classic style slots with yet another slot that celebrates the legacy of land based slot machines – Purple Hot 2.

In style and substance, it is just a thematic extension of an immensely popular Casino Technology slot – Purple Hot. It’s a simple game that doesn’t try to draw any aces up its sleeves. Just log on and spin wild – that’s the only way with Purple Hot 2.

Easy Come, Easy Go!

The best way to describe Purple Hot 2 would be to say that it’s an ‘easy come, easy go’ of a slot that prefers to keep things in moderation. Lacking all sorts of serious peaks and troughs in equal measures, Purple Hot 2 is a best fit for slot players who are just starting out, or those who are not too sure about advancing themselves from free spin rounds of demo slots to the real deal of money slots.

Purple Hot 2 features 5 reels and 25 fixed paylines. Following a standard practice, Casino Technology has split 25 paylines into a set each of 13 (left) and 12 (right). This imbalance of sharing further creates great possibilities for players – a good news in a broader perspective.

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Purple Hot 2

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Wagering your Way to Jackpots

If you have never tried any sort of a slot before, Purple Hot 2 can be a perfect slot to get you initiated. The reason we feel so is that this one features the most generic of wagering patters you will ever come across – patterns that you would later find to be present in 8 out of 10 slots.

You can wager one coin per line, where coin values need to be bracketed between 1 cent and 20 cents. This is the only resounding dissimilarity between Purple Hot 2 and its predecessor, as the prequel allowed maximum coin value of 10 cents.

Considering that there are only 25 paylines, this puts the highest money-value that you can splurge here at a rather unimpressive sum of $5, this is a true low limit game.

All You Need to Know About Purple Hot 2 Symbols

Well, this pushes us to rethink the heading for this section, simply because there isn’t much you need to know about the symbols that are used here.

They are all way too generic to warrant a discussion – with all the fruit-slot regulars like apples, oranges, cherries and watermelons making it to the scene. Apples and oranges seem to be the most gracious of hosts, as they cough up 500 coins (still, not much – we know!) for five-of-its-kind combinations along any active payline.

Raking it in

If we are to be perfectly upfront – and we regularly are – it would be very difficult for you to rake it in with just the base game of Purple Hot 2. So, invariably, some help would be needed from special quarters.

There are two special symbols here:

  • The Lucky Seven (Jackpot)
  • The Lucky Seven is the most rewarding symbol here. Its combinations usually don’t go in vain, and the most improbable one – five lucky sevens in a row – yields a jaw-dropping bounty of 5,000 coins (worth $1,000).

  • Bananas (Scatter)
  • While it makes very little sense, it has to be reported that a bunch of bananas is the designated scatter of this slot. It can help you win up to 1,250 game coins with a straight-five combination, but sadly, it doesn’t seem to lead to any freebies or bonus rounds, the very job that a scatter is supposed to do.

Double Up: The Very Best of Purple Hot 2

The best feature here, however, is neither the jackpot nor the scatter. Double Up – a bonus round of sorts – outshines both the special symbols, allowing you to easily double – at times, even quadruple (there’s a word we’d like to use more often!) – your winnings.

The only qualifier is that your total base game winnings need to be smaller than 10x of your total wagers. Once that happens, you will be taken to the Double Up screen, where you will be asked to gamble upon the colour and suit of cards displayed. Correct colours fetch 2x multipliers while correct suits fatten up your winnings by 4 folds.

Hot Stuff

As long as you don’t go in expecting an audio-visual treat with spectacular payouts, you will have little to complain about Purple Hot 2. Despite being generic, the fact that it offers a straight-to-the-point gameplay needs to be appreciated.

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