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    Casino Technology Slot Machines

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    Casino Technology Slot Machines

    One of the true titans of the bricks and mortar casino industry, CT Gaming (formerly Casino Technology) is a gaming software solutions provider that has a long and industrious history of supplying the hottest slot machines to some of the biggest gaming companies in the world. In recent years, Casino Technology has made the move into the online industry and now offers clients the option to transfer their land-based offering into the digital world, thus erasing the borders between offline and online gaming.

    Beasts From The East

    Having recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, CT Gaming is a Bulgarian-based company that has long since become synonymous with quality and reliability in the bricks and mortar industry. Working out of their headquarters in Sofia, the company was founded in 1999 and has supplied games to over 50 countries in five continents, meaning that if you set foot in virtually any major casino around Europe or America, the chances are you’ll run into one of the company’s products.

    In recent years Casino Technology diversified its operations with the launch of Casino Technology Interactive, a new division designed to bring their existing gaming solutions into the modern era courtesy of multi-channel delivery methods and full mobile compatibility. The goal, of course, was to give clients a way to reach their customers even after they’d left the casino, thus generating further revenue and building up a level of brand loyalty previously unimaginable to land-based operators.

    Following the launch of its digital division, CT Gaming was able to boast several thousand employees in total and its offering of games now extends to over 500 individual products. Among the games that Casino Technology produces are slot machines, bingo terminals and automated roulette wheels, all of which have been seamlessly transferred into the online casino market space.

    Five Of The Best

    In terms of the systems that CT Gaming offer, their plan of attack centres on technology dubbed “The Big 5 Suite”. Designed as a multi-channel gaming solution that enables companies to make the smooth transition from land-based gaming to the mobile era, the gaming package offers solutions for virtually every aspect of casino gaming thanks to its five animal-themed systems.

    Rhino is the classic system used to manage traditional land-based gaming and gives casino operators a number of options to improve control of the slot floor. When used in conjunction with the other Big 5 systems, however, its capabilities are dramatically expanded to include a broad set of analytical tools that help clients interpret their customers’ betting behaviour and optimise their operations.

    Leopard is the new online gaming platform created by the Casino Technology Interactive division. It gives both operators a cost-efficient and functional tool to manage their online casino business and allows players to choose from a wide range of games and products from a single lobby. The platform is backed up by Elephant, which is a remote gaming server capable of distributing Casino Technology’s game content across all existing gaming channels, including desktop and mobile.

    Prizes are controlled by Buffalo, which is CT Gaming’s universal Jackpot server. As with the other systems in their Big 5 Suite, Buffalo is functional across both land-based and online casino operations and, where legally viable, allows things like progressive jackpots to be accumulated across both platforms seamlessly. The system allows operators to configure their payouts as they see fit and delivers proven jackpot maths and functionality for greater flexibility and ease of use.

    Finally, payment processing is handled by the Lion money management system, which allows credit and cash transfer between locations of operators as well as between land-based and online casinos. This makes it far easier for Casino Technology to manage clients’ funds and facilitate customers’ gambling activity while also avoiding additional bank charges and speeding up winning payouts.

    A Dazzling Array Of Options

    Of course, all this technical mumbo-jumbo might come as great news to Casino Technology’s gaming industry clients, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot to the players unless the company is capable of providing a selection of well-made games that are both easy to use and exciting to play.

    Thankfully, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, CT Gaming has built up a compendium of games that spans some 500 titles, so whatever your preferences in slot, bingo or roulette games, the chances are you’ll be able to find something that fits the bill. Indeed, whether you play live or online, when you visit a Casino Technology supplied venue or website, you’ll not be left wanting for choice and will soon discover just why they’re present in 50 countries worldwide.

    Straight off the bat, it’s noticeable that Casino Technology’s slots are incredibly well made. Across their entire range, symbols are bright, clear and colourful, animations are fluid and sound effects are engaging without being obtrusive. When a title features bonus games, meanwhile, they tend to be straightforward and easy to use, adding just the right degree of variety and excitement to the gameplay without completely overawing the user with a dizzying array of options and numbers.

    The only slight drawback of the CT Gaming slot machines is that as the company originally catered solely for land-based casinos before moving into the online arena, their games are perhaps created with more traditional casino players in mind. It’s fair to say that functionality and gameplay are prioritised over any wild graphical flourishes and though their online offering is fairly solid, it does feel like exactly what it is – a collection of traditional land-based slot games that have been converted for online play, rather than a range of new titles being specifically developed.

    Best In Show

    As a company that really excels in analysing user trends, CT Gaming does more than provide you with an arbitrary list of their top slots – it actually tells you which games have proved most popular with customers over the past 12 months in a constantly updated list of “Hot Games”.

    Current big-hitters include the cutesy Fluftails, a pet-show inspired slot that features household pets on its reels and a lucky black cat as its wild symbol, Bombay Gems, which brings the glitz and glamour of Bollywood directly to your mobile or table and Casino Technology’s number one slot, Misty Forest, which is an Irish-themed slot that plunges you into the heart of Celtic mythology.

    With many more titles currently being developed, it’s clear that Casino Technology aren’t likely to rest on their laurels and quit at a paltry 500 games – they’ll keep going until every thematic avenue imaginable has been explored and developed. With a bit of luck, their online-focused division will continue to expand and be allowed to develop products that cater more for the needs of the mobile-generation of player, as this will certainly help keep their catalogue of games fresh and innovative.

    The Complete Package

    With such a broad-ranging selection of services designed to handle virtually every aspect of the gaming experience, it’s not hard to see why so many casino companies – both offline and online – place their trust in CT Gaming. The company are the standard-bearers for bricks and mortar casino gaming and with their new online division rapidly turning heads in the iGaming industry, Casino Technology look set to get even bigger as their products reach new audiences in 2016.

    From a customer point of view, their games are varied and intuitive, making them perfect for casino veterans and serious gamers alike. The only current drawback for Casino Technology is that they are perhaps not doing enough to chase the casual market, with a lack of branded slots and very few mini game offerings out there to capture the imagination. Should their interactive division focus its efforts on this market, however, and CT Gaming will pretty much be the complete package. You can visit their corporate website here.

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