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Blackbeard's Quest Slots

Blackbeard is a well-known figure in history, his pirating notorious for the level of fear he generated in all those who were unfortunate enough to cross his path. A lot about the man still remains unknown, but fiction doesn’t delay in filling in the blanks to make up any story we wish. Sometimes Blackbeard is a misunderstood character and other times even more ruthless than what’s been detailed in the history books.

In Blackbeard’s Quest he is but a man, albeit a scary one, who has a task for you: find the treasure and you’ll be on your way. It’s simple enough, but when you consider that the 5-reels in which you operate are infested with variance and volatility, your quest soon becomes one filled with perils.

Most of the crew have already warmed to you, though they hang back knowing that at any moment you could be thrown overboard… or worse. The only one that ever seems to come close and make her connection to you known is the red-headed lass, the only female on board.

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Blackbeard's Quest

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Looking for Loot

The treasure chests operate differently to the other symbols in these waters – they only make a match of three, no more no less, and each of them look very different. You can’t make a match of all the same and expect the free rounds to trigger, nor can you wait for them to appear on any of the reels for they’re restricted to the first, third and fifth.

Finding three starts the 10 rounds, but matching three more gives you extra, and as for what these symbols do during the spins, they act as the wild as well as Blackbeard. What this means is that they too can remove symbols, which basically doubles up your chances of winning.

Speaking of the captain, he has between 10 and 5,000 coins attached to his most wanted poster, and so if he keeps showing up you’re going to have one hell of a stash of loot to take home. Even though his payout is the max amount, it can be won more than once; true you’ll have to be very lucky for that to happen, but it has happened in the past.

Taking the Wheel

For good or ill, everyone seems to think you know what you’re doing and so they’ve given you the opportunity to take the helm and steer them to glory – now would be a bad time to run into the authorities. Where you take them is completely up to you, you can direct them to money or take them to the rocks and try and beat them back with a dash of revenge.

If you’re kind to the ship it’ll be kind to you, giving you as many as 500 coins when you get five of the symbols in a row. Should you not exactly be kind but you don’t mutiny, you’ll get a smaller payout of 250 credits at the top end, though the symbol is of the shop navigating the shores of a nearby island.

Then you have a card game to pass the time. For this to begin you need to have already won some money from the rest of the crew, only then will they ask you to pick the outcome of the next card. You have two choices, which is why the game is a double or nothing, for it operates on a 50% chance either way.

Waxing the Deck

Set your total wager via the plus and minus widgets found on either side of the Bet line display – players can begin at 0.05 and increase in intervals until they reach the final figure of 2 credits. This amount placed on the paylines will give a wager of 18, but of course that can be decreased as can the winlines themself.

The choices for your Autoplay options are diverse, giving you a chance to dictate a number of rounds or go the whole hog and ride the option out for as long as it’ll play, your money its fuel. On the flip side, you can ignore the toggle and spin the reels for yourself; there’s no right or wrong way to play Blackbeard’s Quest.

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