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Book of Spells Slot Machine

Is there a more perfect slot machine for when October comes around? Book of Spells, while ideally played during the month of Halloween, can be enjoyed throughout the year, though waiting for a full moon grants it extra power.

The witches of the local coven have finally unearthed the book of spells, the ultimate guide to becoming a powerful wiccan, and the magic inside can be turned to good or used for bad. Our fate and that of those we know depends on how the witches choose to explore their newfound abilities.

Even though you’ll be brewing a lot of potions, watching as they learn with yourself now the apprentice, you need to keep in mind what your quest is all about: stop anything bad from happening. Win the x5,000 jackpot. Do either of those or both and the Book of Spells slot machine will be safe once more.

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Book of Spells

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Opening the Book

Unlike normal books that simply open and close when you want them to, this particular tome has to be coaxed into willingly offering up its wonders, and would you believe that money is the only thing it responds to. I know, we were shocked too.

The Book of Spells will allow you to alter the 9 paylines as you see fit, but they won’t let you bet below 0.05 or over 2 coins, which means you’ll always have to play with either a small stake of 0.45 or a large one of 18. Although the book may frown upon caution, you can play with whatever amount you feel is best for you - you can even play the demo if you’d prefer. You won’t get any real wins and so no money will be gifted to you, but the choice is yours.

Selecting the Max Bet button won’t just change the wager amount, it’ll also begin the spins for you. In a similar fashion that’s what the Autoplay does, only it doesn’t do anything to your cashflow, only helping to make playing more manageable; fingers begin aching when they’re always in use. The wickedness of slot machines come to haunt us.

Toil and Trouble

The book comes into a life of its own when it triggers the free spins, of which there are 10 in total. What will happen during this time is that a symbol will be chosen, at random, to become special for the duration of the rounds. Whenever they appear they’ll give you a win, however should they make a winning line they’ll expand onto the reels. This expansion means greater returns for you.

What we really like is the fact that the waves can be triggered during your initial spins, the only thing is that the book won’t reselect a new symbol, you’ll still play with the old. It doesn’t really matter, but it would have been nice to have more options within this mini level.

Aside from that there isn’t much else to trigger or open up, which seems sad for a book that is meant to hold every secret of witches and their covens - not even the lead witch can do more than give you 5,000 credits. That’s all fine and dandy, but shouldn’t she do something else, even be a wild and sub symbols for us? No, okay then, now we’re feeling a little deflated.

Book of Lies

Sorry, Tom Horn, but this game isn’t filled with spells and magic, it has but one bonus round and that is a very basic setup that has required no innovation on your part. There are so many ways this theme could have been expanded on and made tangible, with a series of features included instead of just one. And having a gamble option doesn’t count as it can be turned off.

This feels like it was made purely for financial gain, and yes while all games are guilty of that, not all of them make it so obvious. Substance is needed and very much wanted from your audience, and this time you failed to deliver. For those who want more stimulating Tom Horn activities, why not try Hammer of Thor or Disco Fever?

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