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Pharaoh Scratch Card

Delve into the world of ancient Egypt in Pharaoh scratch card by PlayPearls. This is an interesting alternative type of game for slots fans looking for a fast-paced option with immediate returns.

The game is played out on a 3x3 grid featuring Egyptian symbols, such as the scarab beetle, which all hide various real cash prizes. The evocative music transports players to the ancient Egyptian world while the warrior or Egyptian guard standing to the left of the screen provides an imposing presence to add to the slightly eerie atmosphere.

Exploring the Egyptian World

Pharaoh is another addition to the Egyptian themed world of online games. This theme is a tried and tested theme and always does well with players due to its exciting, mysterious and romantic atmosphere. To place your bet on Pharaoh, you need to purchase a ticket by clicking the ‘buy ticket’ button beneath the yellow arrow. Once you have bought the ticket the 3x3 grid is filled with a range of Egyptian symbols which all hide a cash prize.

To play the game, you can scratch off the symbols individually until you have revealed all the prizes or choose ‘scratch all’ for faster gameplay.

When you scratch the symbols on the card you reveal different cash prizes. You need to reveal 3 matching prizes to win that cash amount. The amount of cash available to win depends on how expensive the ticket was that you purchased. To change your bet, thus purchase a differently priced ticket, you need to click on the plus and minus buttons to move from a low priced ticket costing €0.50 to a ticket costing the maximum of €10.00. You are not guaranteed a cash prize in this game and you may need to scratch many tickets before hitting a prize. Just like in slot games, your payouts are down to luck.

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The Egyptian Warrior Guards the Prizes

The background in this game features some great graphics with a statuesque warrior standing guard over the game on the left of the screen. He wears a striped headdress and carries a gold staff decorated with a serpent’s head.

Other images include a silhouette of a camel and adventurer at the bottom of the screen, palm trees to the left and a starry sky above. The lilting music plays throughout the game in an Arabic style, while occasional laughs and cries from animals also to add to the atmosphere.

Buying a ticket creates a popping sound while scratching the ticket’s symbols creates ta whooshing sound followed by a rattlesnake noise if you are unlucky and a trumpet of instruments if you hit a win. The symbols on the card all evoke the Egyptian theme, with various icons including a scarab beetle, ox, tiger carrying a mummy, Eye of Horus symbol and the Anubis, a winged dog creature that symbolised the god of the afterlife.

Will You Purchase the Top Winning Ticket?

The paytable button opens up the odds of selecting a winning ticket. There are 1,000,000 tickets available in total with many different cash prizes available. At the bottom end of the scale, there are 300,000 winning tickets giving away a prize of €0.50.

At the middle of the paytable are 2,000 tickets giving away a prize of €5.00, while the top end of the scale sees just 1 winning ticket paying €500. It is easy to see how much you can win and your odds of hitting a payout from the ticket you purchase.

Gaming Options from the Scarab Beetle

There are not many options in this game beyond the ticket purchase. You simply need to choose your bet level and get your ticket then scratch to reveal your prizes. However you can make your gameplay more interesting and personalized by choosing to silence the music or enjoy its lilting melody. You can also play in full screen mode instead of in a window on your computer.

This game is also available on mobile devices so you can play Pharaoh from wherever you are.

Simple Scratching but Effective

This scratch card gives exactly the result you would expect from this type of game. It is simple and fast-paced, which makes it ideal for playing alongside a different game that offers a deeper involvement. The gentle play and immediate results of this game mean it will not hold players’ attentions for a long period of time but is perfect for fast play in the hope of securing a big win quickly.

The Egyptian theme is slightly tired thanks to the many slot machines that invoke the spirit of the Egyptian world, but as this is a popular option for players it is sure to hold much appeal. Scratch card fans will enjoy the music and symbols, along with the imposing warrior to the side of the screen who adds a certain gravitas to the game. There are some great cash rewards for the luckiest players so this opportunity to win big from such a simple game will always be an exciting prospect.

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