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Quick Fire Cash Scratch Card

Saddle up your horse for a ride on the western side in a great online scratch card from IWG. The free Quick Fire Cash game is full of sharpshooting ways to grow your fortune. There are 13 chances to win, so as the saying goes, you’re sure to get more bang for your buck. Think of any wild west film and the chances are it features a saloon with cowboys wearing their 10 gallon hats and playing poker or dice.

In Quick Fire Cash you can play some dice, brush up on your sharpshooting skills and ride off with the loot and all of this is from the comfort of your home in an online casino, or if you prefer you can play on a mobile device, such as iPhone, android or tablets. Quick Fire Cash is quick on the draw as its mobile optimised for great gaming on the go. There are plenty of great payouts to secure and the best part is, it doesn’t need a big stake to get you started on the road to riches. The stakes are displayed in currency and for the lowest of 0.5 for a top prize of 4,000. Head off the pass with the high limit stake of 10, and you could be bagging yourself a smooth 80,000.

Dead Eye Shooting

There’s not just one game – there’s 4 individual mini games to quadruple your chances for just one stake placed. Once that bet has been set, players click onto the dice to spin for a multiplier to be applied to the prize which could see up to 6x awarded. That being done, it’s time to head on down to the corral for the first mini game.

There are 4 chances in the first game with 2 barrels of explosives on each of the 4 rows. Clicking on each row will explode the barrels with a bang, to reveal the symbols underneath. These can be a number of different items, such as a pickaxe, gold or sticks of dynamite, and if two match on a row, the prize value shown is awarded to you. Moving onto the second game, there are another 4 chances at winning with 2 coins on each row, dollar sign up. One belongs to you and the other belongs to an opponent. Selecting them will send them spinning with a gunshot to reveal a number on the coins. If yours is a higher number than theirs, you are rewarded with the prize value.

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Quick Fire Cash

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Two Down, Two to Go

Game number 3 is a simple game of addition to equal a prize. Another 4 rows has two dollar signs as part of a simple sum. Clicking on these will sharp shoot the dollar signs away to reveal a number. When these are added together on each row, if the numbers add up to 10, you get to keep the prize value that is displayed. Who said maths wasn’t fun?

Game number 4 is the last game on the card with a single chance to hopefully bag a prize, quite literally as it’s a money bag. However, it might not contain what you want it to, it could be a cactus or a jewel, but to win it needs to be cash. Shoot the bag and claim the prize if a pile of cash is revealed. If you wish to blow away the tumbleweeds and charge through the game at a faster speed, you can click on ‘reveal all’ and the game will take care of all the shooting and exploding of symbols for you, making it quicker to win. You can also choose to up the stakes a little before playing again for a larger share of the payouts.

Scratch Fever

If scratch cards are something you enjoy but you are looking for much consistently lower stakes to play, Spinlotto Scratch is a game with software by Gamevy. It’s a very simple scratch card that offers big prizes for the stakes made. The bets are made in units of currency of either 1 or 2 to keep stakes really simple. It’s like a lottery game with 5 lottery ball numbers to match against 5 winning lottery numbers. Matching 1 ball will win a free card, or more ball matches will win prizes multiplied with the bet.

There is also a lucky star that can reveal a multiplier of up to 10x so it’s possible to win up to 50,000 for a relatively small stake.  Balls can be revealed individually or quickly by the reveal all button.  A quick look at the pay table will show detail of how the matches that will payout. Lottery type games aren’t unique as there are many similar, but this one is available to play for free which is a welcome bonus with any online games.

Ride off into the Sunset

At the end of every good western, the hero is usually seen riding off towards the sunset a very happy person. Quick Fire Cash can leave you doing the same with a saddle bag of loot if you are looking to play for real money. It has a return to player percentage of 87.35% and will give you the chance to win multiple times on the one card for a single stake.

The range of wagers will appeal to many punters no matter how they like to roll and as it’s a scratch game, there are no special skills required to be able to play it well. We liked the design of the card and it’s perfectly paired to represent the wild west theme. The added use of sound effects also really brings the game to life.

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