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Black Jack Scratch Card

If you were to order all of the popular gambling games in terms of their complexity, Black Jack and scratch cards would be on polar opposite ends of that line. Blackjack is one of the classic games of strategy, attracting people who want to test their skill in a contest that has only the slightest of edges for the casino. On the other hands, scratchers offer up instant results that are entirely based on luck, giving players instant gratification, win or lose.

These two types of gameplay might seem entirely incompatible, but that doesn’t mean that some developers haven’t tried to find a way to combine them. One such effort is Black Jack Scratch, a creation of Twinoplay. Taking the classic table game format and putting it in the guise of an instant win ticket, this is a quick way to get some of the same excitement you’ll find when testing your skills against a casino dealer, without the stress of worrying about making strategic mistakes.

Make a Winning Hand

Black Jack Switch is an instant win scratcher-style game in which players can place a bet on up to five hands in each round. The layout is simple, and looks like a simplified version of a table you might see in a casino. The dealer hand appears at the top, while five player hands appear in a semi-circle around it.

At the start of each play, you may set both your bet size per hand and the number of hands you’d like to play. You may play anywhere from 1 to 5 hands, and the wager size for each one is highly variable: the version we tried allowed bets of anywhere from $0.20 to $20.

Once you’ve locked in your betting amounts, you can hit the start button to begin the round. The object of the game it to beat or tie the dealer with each of your hands. Scoring is the same as in standard Black Jack: numbered cards are worth their number, face cards are worth ten, and aces are worth 11. There are no extra cards dealt; all hands are evaluated based solely on the two initial cards.

You may reveal these cards in a number of different ways. There is a button that will allow you to instantly reveal the entire card, but you may also click on each hand individually if you’d like to extend the game and create a little more drama.

Each player hand comes with a prize amount listed below it. This is the amount that you will win if that hand beats or matches the dealer. Should the player make a 21, then the listed prize will be tripled instead. Players can win multiple prizes on the same round, all of which are added together to make the total win. Prizes can range from the size of your initial bet to 1,000x your wager.

There are a few other options worth knowing, most of which can speed up the process of playing your games. A turbo option removes all suspense and simply reveals the entire card simultaneously, with no delays. There’s also an autoplay option that will quickly run through a set number of tickets, with options for 10 to 1,000 rounds available.

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Black Jack Scratch

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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A 21 Jackpot

Beyond the normal prizes, there is also the possibility of winning a jackpot on any given card. This only occurs if all five player hands are blackjacks at the same time. Pull that off, and you’ll win a special prize that can be set by the operator.

Overall, the expected return to player for this game is 95%. While that’s below real blackjack, it is far better than most instant win games, making this a pretty fair option for those who want to place a quick bet and hope to score a big payday in the process.

Table Game Fun at the Speed of Scratching

There’s clearly no comparison between this game and the popular table game, but nonetheless, Black Jack Scratch offers up many of the same thrills at lightning fast speed. There’s nothing quite like watching each card be flipped and seeing whether or not any of your hands will pay out. The fact that your winnings can vary wildly adds another dimension of excitement to the proceedings. While it’s not exactly a replacement for serious gamblers who enjoy skill games, this is definitely one of the more entertaining instant win options that we’ve tried out in a long time.

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