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Zodiac Signs Scratch Card

Hey, baby, what’s your sign?

Those may be the words of one of the cheesiest chat up lines of all time, but it’s actually a relevant question when you play Zodiac Signs by PlayPearls. This instant win game has a slot machine layout with a scratch card design, making it double the fun.

Players need to unlock their way to the final payout of 10,000 credits, but to do that they need to match three of the values hidden behind the zodiac tables, making it a highly challenging game. There are no hints to be had and no amount of guide reading will help you secure a win, it’s simply trial and error until a match lands upon the grid.

Should you find yourselves scratching your heads and wondering what on earth to do, while quietly moaning that this wasn’t the type of game you had in mind, you can come to us. We might not be a wizard who can read the stars, but we’ve played this title enough times to know how to deal with its highs and inevitable lows.

Your Own Constellation

Having already played the western version of this gaming format, Wild West, we weren’t expecting to be any more moved by this as we was by that, but we were wrong. Zodiac Signs may have remained the same in layout, but a few finishing touches have been added to make the experience more unique and worthwhile.

You’ll see that the graphics used are related to the ancient art of astrology and the various signs of the zodiac, with the wheel of all 12 of the symbols being placed on top of the nine squares. When you click on the tile you want, a sum of money will be shown to you alongside one of the star signs, such as Taurus; both the icons and values have to match for a win to be made.

Players can choose whether to do this manually or employ the autoplay mode, which has been labelled ‘Scratch All’. We actually prefer using the automatic option because it looks more appealing when in action: stars will line up like constellations to reveal all the icons, with the matches highlighted within. Or you can click and reveal for a more lacklustre set of graphics.

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Zodiac Signs

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Obey the Wizard

Wild West had its shifty looking cowboy and Zodiac Signs has one angry looking wizard. This guy looks like he’d rather kill you than reveal any secrets of the stars to you. It’s probably best to proceed with caution and not ask him for help. So while you leave him to stew in his own juices, you need to start figuring out how much money you want to part with.

The betting range in this game is between 0.50 and 10 credits, with that sum being bet every single time you buy a ticket (the downside of scratch cards). As you may already know from reviews of Wild West, the wager you put down won’t affect the overall payout, meaning you don’t have to flash any serious cash unless you want to.

Once you’re happy you can buy the ticket, the 3x3 grid resetting itself with a new set of hidden symbols. This is where you decide how to reveal them all, with a match sounding with your total win (the value of the matches), or a window telling you to try again.

Astrological Nonsense

Although we might sound like grumpy reviewers, it has to be said that Zodiac Signs is a limited variance game that will lose followers after the first playthrough. That may be the design flaw of every single scratch card, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

What is more, it’s unlikely that players will ever see the big jackpot amount, as it’s virtually impossible to match any of the high value symbols, with even the lower ones proving tricky at certain times. Don’t waste your money with this more than you have to. Have a few tries and then leave it where it is and go elsewhere to look for something more stimulating.

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