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Warrior Angels Slot Machine

The concept of witchcraft and sorcery has captivated (and terrified) people all around the world since prehistoric times. While most societies do not believe in these ideas any more, it still serves as a source of inspiration for many video games, books, and movies.

So naturally, somebody was going to eventually make a slot machine based off of the mystical power of witchcraft. Straight from the developers at Italian studio Capecod Gaming comes Warrior Angels, a slot machine that derives from the established history of female witches and warriors to bring you a game that is rife with action and enchantment.

Hitting the ground running, this new game has clearly been built from the ground up and is capturing the attention of gamblers worldwide as a result. Read on to see what it is about Warrior Angels that makes it so popular with modern audiences.

Up and Active at the Witching Hour

Capecod Gaming has quite an established reputation with regards to the slot machines it makes. The graphical fidelity and quality of the animations stand out as always; Warrior Angels utilises a charming cartoon style that makes everything pop out in relation to the dark palette of the backdrop.

The mist that surrounds the edges of the game adds a welcome thematic element, which makes the experience that much more memorable for the player.

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Warrior Angels

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Gearing up for Pure War

Speaking in relation to the reels themselves, Warrior Angels doesn't stick to a specific source material when choosing what symbols to use. Instead it goes along with pictures and things related to warriors and witches, all using a green and orange contrast that really makes everything stand out.

On top of it all, the symbols themselves are actually quite large, which allows you to see all of the intricate details that were carefully crafted into each picture.

Forget Broomsticks, Think Weapons

Capecod Gaming is known for producing games that are very user friendly. Some companies assume that you are already an experienced gambler, and the interfaces they design tend to be excessively complicated as a result.

This is not the case here – the bottom toolbar contains every function you need to customise your experience. You can change your bet size, number of active paylines, the autospin feature, as well as graphic and audio options.

Once you've set up everything the way you want it, the spin button is there just waiting to be hit. If this intuitive setup for whatever reason doesn't make sense, there is plenty of documentation to help you establish your bearings.

Embracing Your True Inner Warrior

The name "Warrior Angels" conjures up images of epic fantasy scenes, and this game does not disappoint. Warrior Angels boasts a well-crafted soundtrack that draws you into its setting, with each of the animations and sound effects used perfectly complimenting the rich visual setting laid out before you.

Under Constant Control

When it comes to controls, Warrior Angels flows with the norm. At the bottom of the screen, right below the reels, you’ll find all the buttons you need to master what this particular game has to offer. Power it might be, but Warrior Angels is nothing short of being easy to use.

Arming Yourself with Wilds and Scatters

The bonus features do not lack in oomph and pizazz either. In adhering to Capecod Gaming's established style, Warrior Angels boasts plenty of wilds and scatter symbols, as well as a feature a few hidden extras to. Adding to the aforementioned, there are plenty of opportunities to win free spins and extra cash, so every spin keeps you invested in the outcome.

Embracing the Dark World of Warrior Angels!

The fantasy-inspired noir of Warrior Angels breathes a unique personality into a game that could have easily been just another title. This game is especially well suited for Halloween promotions, but it works equally well during any other time of the year.

The multitude of bonus features and the level of control you have over the betting process make you that much more invested in the outcome of every spin.

Capegod Gaming has been attempting to devise a flagship slots release for some time. With Warrior Angels, they may have just achieved that goal!

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