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The Masked Rider

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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The Masked Rider Slots

Westerns are an acquired taste, but it's one that a lot of us appreciate, in all its various forms. True, some depictions of this classic theme work better than others, but 9 times out of 10 we enjoy what we see, like with The Masked Rider. It’s a real cash slot machine from the brand Capecod Gaming, a reputable though not well known company, who specialize in casual and mobiles activities.

The label originates from Italy, and so a lot of their slots have a specific flavour about them, with this particular game being a prime example of this. It’s not your typical American Western, but a more vibrant and comedic experience, not that it makes it any less enjoyable due to those reasons.

Having played other games from Capecod Gaming in the past, we had been skeptical about this one, mainly because their variance and volatility can be so hit and miss. Sometimes they hit the ball straight out of the park, then others they fail completely to engage with their audience. We’d say that The Masked Rider falls in between these two options.

Big and Bold

One aspect you can’t take away from Capecod Gaming is that they don’t do things by half, when they go in they go all the way, delivering bold designs that are visually stirring. Take the colour palette of the 5 reels in front of us – it’s an array of multiple colors, all coming together to create an exciting slot machine experience.

As always, the mix of photorealistic and animated images does impact negatively on the overall end effect, meaning that you’re not quite as taken back by the theme as you could have been. Nonetheless, what you get is a high quality interface that portrays the Western theme with ease, while adding a flurry of vibrancy.

The Real Deal?

When it comes down to loading the slot and playing, you have to decide whether you go for the real experience and pay cash, or whether you try it without risking your money. Personally, we tend to go for the demo option first and then, if we’re impressed, we pay the initial bet. However, with such a small pay-in attached to the grid of this game, we decided to throw caution to the wind and just pay the min stake of 0.25 credits.

Should you play the demo only, you’ll be able to activate the features of this online activity, though of course you won’t actually bank any real money when you play. Sometimes that’s more than enough for most people, but for us we tend to like to know that those credits are turning into euros every time we make a win.

Horsing Around

If you’re interested in opening up all the possibilities of the pay table that goes beyond merely winning coins you’ll need to line up five of the scatter symbol, which takes the form of the rider and his horse. It’s the same as the wild, but the wording helps you to differentiate between the two.

Unlike in Penguin Safari, where you have to select some of the symbols to create your number of free spins, in The Masked Rider you get the combo and then the games activate. It’s a very mundane experience, but we can’t argue against the fact that the no fee wins us over every time. There’s not much more to the free games, and so you’ll probably tire of this round once you’ve played it, but that’s true of most games nowadays.

Not So Tough

This slot machine isn’t as tough as it looks, and part of that is due to the number of win lines you’re given. Even though you can alter the amount so that you play with a lot less, you’ll find that the volatility isn’t that taxing, in fact, we found it quite easy to get the wins every couple of spins.

The Rider Rides Again

We’re not completely sold on this slot machine, for there’s a lot that could be done to improve it, such as fine tuning the graphics and including more features. However, as far as entertainment goes, it’s an easy to adapt to slot machine that is enjoyable in its simplicity. Play today and see for yourself, or investigate the other titles that Capecod Gaming has on offer.

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