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Mobile Scratch

Most online casino software developers are constantly looking for ways to make their games stand out from the pack. That might mean producing a new feature that has never been seen before, a wild theme that is sure to grab attention, or bonus rounds that combine elements from various genres to create a truly unique experience.

But sometimes, players are just looking for the most basic of games: online recreations of the activities they love to engage in at land-based venues. One excellent example of this direction is MobileScratch. This game is an extremely basic version of a scratch card game that looks just like one you might buy at a retail outlet in your hometown. But a simple theme and few options make this a game that can be immediately understood by anyone, not to mention one that (as the name would suggest) is perfectly optimized for play on mobile devices.

Revealing the Jackpot

MobileScratch is a very basic scratch card game that was made with mobile devices in mind. No surprise since it was developed in conjunction with mobile casino specialists LeoVegas. There’s very little in the way of customization here: other than turning the music on or off while you play, the game is otherwise devoid of options, meaning there is one way to play.

Every ticket for this game is sold at a price of €2.50, at least in the versions that we have seen. That price is paid the moment you buy a ticket: that means that it isn’t returned when you win, like in a table game, and a prize of €2.50 is only enough for you to break even on that round. There’s a light and cute lion theme to the presentation, most notably in that the segments you’ll be scratching off are each represented by a paw print.

The cards are presented in a 3x3 grid format, with nine spots in total available for you to scratch. As you reveal parts of the card, you’ll see amounts of cash listed in each spot. Match three of the same amount, and you’ll win the associated prize. Only one prize can appear on each ticket, and the game will notify you not only when you’ve won, but also when you reveal near wins by getting two of the same amount.

There are two different ways to scratch off your cards. First, you can click and drag your cursor across the screen, allowing you to take a traditional, authentic approach to the game. If you’d rather just get your results right away, however, you can instead hit the “scratch all” button located just below the grid. This will quickly reveal all nine amounts, instantly awarding a prize of you have earned one.

There are a number of different prizes you can win, ranging from just enough to get your stake back to a life-changing jackpot. The possible prizes are as follows:

  • €2.50
  • €5
  • €7.50
  • €10
  • €50
  • €100
  • €200
  • €1,000
  • €10,000
  • €50,000
  • €200,000

Once you’ve finished up one ticket, you can immediately buy the next and continue your play. There are no autoplay functions available, so you’ll need to manually go one card at a time for as long as you want to continue.

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Mobile Scratch

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Plenty of Wins Lead to Reasonable Odds

As far as your returns go, MobileScratch is a mixed bag. If you’re used to playing offline scratch off games, then you’ll be pretty pleased: at an 85.3% return to player, this is way better for players in terms of house edge than just about any state-run lottery game. However, that number still comes in far behind the odds you may be used to if you play a wide range of Internet casino offerings, where even slots and keno often return more than 90% to players.

Interestingly, though, this game may have a leg up in the fact that it’s unlikely to frustrate players. That’s because nearly 45% of all tickets will produce at least some winnings, a ratio that should keep players in the game and having fun for a long time. There is a pay table included in MobileScratch, and it allows us to talk about how likely each of the various prizes are to be won on a random ticket. Interestingly, the lowest-value prize isn’t actually the most common. Your chances of winning each prize on a random ticket break down like this:

  • €2.50: 17.5%
  • €5: 22.5%
  • €7.50: 3.75%
  • €10: 1%
  • €25: 0.025% (1 in 4,000)
  • €50: 0.0125% (1 in 8,000)
  • €100: 0.01% (1 in 10,000)
  • €200: 0.0075% (1 in 13,333.33)
  • €1,000: 0.002% (1 in 50,000)
  • €10,000: 0.00005% (1 in 2 million)
  • €50,000: 0.00005% (1 in 2 million)
  • €200,000: 0.00005% (1 in 2 million)

Minimalist Approach Will Appeal to Some, Turn Off Others

MobileScratch is undoubtedly a unique game in the current online gambling ecosystem. There are few games that are quite this simple: at the very least, we expect to see developers include options such as being able to choose how much you can play for on each bet, or perhaps the ability to automatically play through a number of rounds automatically to get as much action as possible in a short period of time.

But this game has none of that, and doesn’t offer any special bonus rounds or gameplay features either. There is no strategy to employ or decisions to make, and you won’t be distracted by outstanding graphics or cute animations. Put all of that in a blender, and you come out with an offering that many Internet gambling veterans are going to find bland and boring.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone will feel this way, and we imagine that MobileScratch will appeal to a certain type of player. If your ideal gambling game is fast, easy, and provides instant feedback about whether you’ve won or lost, then this will be right up your alley. Throw in the fact that it can be easily played from a phone or tablet, and you have a package that will probably attract more than a few people who are looking for an instant jackpot – even if it isn’t exactly going to revolutionize the Internet gaming world.

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