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Jackpot 7’s Casino Game

Scratch card games are pretty basic fare. They are the epitome of instant win play: you buy a ticket, you reveal the hidden symbols, and collect your prizes. That’s fine for anyone who wants a quick fix, but there’s very little depth, meaning that these games can get old fast and usually don’t attract serious gamblers.

Knowing this, some online casinos try to offer up some scratch tickets that offer a little more to their gameplay. Whether it means a bonus round, progressive jackpot, or multiple ways to win, these features breathe a little extra life into this sometimes tired format. One great example is Jackpot 7’s, a game that offers up a few twists on the standard reveal-and-win play style. With a big jackpot and three different chances to win on each play, this game could be the choice for many players who are looking for something quick and easy to fill in a few minutes of gaming time.

Seven Up

A game of Jackpot 7’s starts by buying a card. Typically, this costs £1, though this game may also be available in other currencies. Each time you buy a card, you’ll actually get three different areas to play on.

Each of these three “cards” hides a three-by-three grid. There’s the main middle game, where many prizes can be won, along with two side games that offer specific bonuses. Once you’ve bought your card, you can begin scratching off each of the cards by holding down your mouse button and dragging the cursor across the hidden areas. If that’s too slow, or you don’t like the drama, you can just click the reveal button to instantly end the round and collect any prizes you’ve earned.

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Jackpot 7's

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Let’s go over each of the three games. On the left-hand side, you’ll reveal purple numbers on every spot. Revealing three sevens will be enough to earn a small prize: 7.00 (in whatever currency you’re playing in). Meanwhile, on the right site, you’ll reveal a mix of sevens and zeroes; hit three blue sevens in a row, and you’ll win one of the larger prizes available in this game, 777.00.

The most complex of the three games is the one played in the center of the screen. This one contains nothing but sevens, though they come in a variety of colors. In order to win, you’ll need to find three of the same color somewhere on the grid. Your prize will depend on which color you are able to match three of. The colors and their prizes are as follows:

  • Orange: 1.00
  • Purple: 7.00
  • Green: 77.00
  • Blue: 777.00
  • Red: 7,777.00

Find Your Pot of Gold

There’s also a special bonus round that can be activated if you can find a single golden seven on each of the three cards in the main game. When this occurs, you’ll find yourself in a special slot machine feature where you’ll have the chance to win a bonus prize. This plays out like an older-style three reel, single payline machine.

On these reels, all of the symbols are sevens, with one very important exception. To reveal the results, you’ll once again have to “scratch” the screen, or hit the reveal all button to show what you’ve hit. Prizes depend on the color of the sevens you’ve hit on the win line. Hit three of the appropriate color, and you’ll win the associated prize:

  • Green: 2.00
  • Blue: 5.00
  • Red: 10.00
  • Orange: 20.00
  • Silver: 100.00
  • Gold: 200.00

There is one additional possibility. If you can hit three of the pot of gold symbols anywhere on the reels, then you’ll instantly win a progressive jackpot, the size of which varies depending on how many cards have been purchased since the last time the top prize was hit.

Finding the Sweet Spot

Jackpot 7’s is an attempt to create an online casino game that can appeal to everyone who enjoys gambling online. Casual players who enjoy scratch-off games in general won’t find this too complicated for them to understand, but more serious gamblers might also get a treat out of the special features and multiple ways to win, making this a fun way to blow off a little steam when they don’t want to play more complicated or strategic games.

There are few online casino players who go to these sorts of instant win games as their bread and butter, as they’re just a little too simple and not interactive enough to hold most peoples’ attentions for very long. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun once in a while, especially when there’s a big prize on the line. Between the chance to win a progressive jackpot, the fun bonus round, and the three chances to score a prize on each ticket, Jackpot 7’s is the perfect way to sit back, relax, place a few bets and maybe just land that windfall you’ve been dreaming of.

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