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Seven Wonders Slot

If you’ve ever had wanderlust you’ll appreciate the chance to see the world in Seven Wonders, the online video slot from Tain.

Experience different cultures and see the sights without having to leave the comfort of your armchair as you play for instant cash.

But will you enjoy this whistle stop tour of the world? Here’s a look at Seven Wonders by Tain with everything you need to know.

Sense of Adventure

Seven Wonders provides you with the opportunity to expand your horizons and visit places that wouldn’t be possible in real life.

If you have a sense of unfulfilled adventure, Seven Wonders will bring you the exotic experiences that you crave.

The graphics created by Tain are detailed and intricate, bringing a real sense of beauty to the game. On the reels are pictures of the Seven Wonders of the World – as you might expect given the title of the game! – and these are all of the highest quality. So much so that you could almost feel as if you were looking at your own holiday snapshots!

If your geography is a little rusty, you might need a helping hand knowing exactly what you’re looking at, but never fear. Seven Wonders will not just list the sites for you, but also provides you with some basic information about why they’re so important.

Enter into the paytable and click on the picture that’s puzzling you and information boxes will pop up with some of the most important facts. Choose from the Pyramids of Giza, The Roman Colosseum, The Cathedral of St Basil, The Taj Mahal, The Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House and the Statue of Liberty. All of these places are an incredible draw for tourists and have played an integral role in history in one way or another.

Critics may claim that playing slots is simply a waste of time but Seven Wonders is also educational! You’ll find little sketches and photos from the past included in the information provided so you’ll finish this game better informed than when you started.

Away from the reels, the background is muted and covered with a mosaic of postcards which could have been sent at any time. This is the perfect foil to the images of the most famous places and sets the scene perfectly for play.

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Seven Wonders

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Voyage of Discovery

Once you’re ready to think about playing, take a little detour to the paytable first of all, not just to learn about the Wonders but to see what prizes you could win.

You’ll need to match identical Wonders in order to win prizes, but those of lower value will pay out for matching just two. These include the Pyramids and the Colosseum. At the opposite end of the table, the high value symbols won’t recognize a win until you match at least three.

As well as the standard symbols there are also some extras which could give you a boost. Lucky 7 is the wild, standing in for other symbols and making it easier to get a match along a line. An image of the globe on a stand is the bonus, also helping players to win.

Set off on Your Travels

When you’ve had your fill of encyclopedic information you can return to the reels with fresh knowledge about each of the Wonders, and ready to play for cash.

There’s five reels on the game but when you hit “spin” you’ll notice they don’t rotate like other slots, but instead just flicker before loading consecutively from left to right.

There are 20 paylines and you can choose to play between 0.01 and 20.00 per line. This versatility makes Seven Wonders suitable for both high and low rollers. The total minimum bet is just 0.01 while the max bet is £20.00. This isn’t the highest bet you’ll find but you could win up to 1,000 if you land five Sydney Opera Houses in a row.

If you unlock the bonus game you’ll have the choice of deciding where to visit, and once you arrive, there will be a series of envelopes in front of you to pick from. Each holds a different prize so you’ll need to select carefully to get the maximum possible win!

Explore the World

Seven Wonders by Tain is an online video slot which is fascinating and fun simultaneously. Providing information about the places you’re visiting in the game, Seven Wonders has a fresh feel about it which could captivate players of all levels of ability and experience.

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