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Tain Slot Machines

Tain specialise in the development of gaming platforms for the gambling industry, a role they’ve applied themselves to with gusto since 1999.

The company’s solutions range from player management systems to content aggregation; all the tools that gaming operators require to grow and to expand into new markets.

Tain’s website deploys corporate business speak, delivered with all the formality of a financial services provider. Gaming might be their business, but business is their true business. In 2013, Tain merged with Betting Promotion, the two companies combining their strengths to provide a complete range of gambling products.

Tain’s gaming platform comes bearing all the buzzwords that should interest savvy operators. Their performance-driven system is designed to lower operator costs and to maximise returns through scalable growth.

Important as all these metrics are, from the perspective of players, who simply care about the features and gameplay, they’re a foreign language that they have little interest in learning.

It’s hard to place Tain’s origins going by its name alone; it’s a vague name that could belong to a company from any industry or territory. For the record, Tain are Swedish. The company’s offices lie in the capital of Stockholm and it also has a base in Sliema in Malta.

Tain Products and Services

There are 6 prime products and services that Tain supply: Tain Commons Platform, Tain Odds Service, Tain Sportsbook, Tain Casino, Tain Payment Gateway and Tain Extras. Tain Commons Platform (TCP) is the product the company is most proud of.

With 15 years’ development behind it, it’s evolved into an advanced customer management tool that handles everything from age verification to geographical blocking. Operating in tandem with this is TPG – Tain Payment Gateway, which is as suited to new startups as it is to established operators with a large portfolio of websites.

Integrated Payment Systems

No online casino would be complete without a payment system to make it all work. Tain’s payment systems allow operators to choose from over 50 providers, giving a total of over 150 options. That makes it easy for players to deposit funds in a manner of their choosing.

Tain’s scalable system can process as many as 15 transactions a second, minimising charge backs and maximising revenue. Features include user permission access control lists and complete management in line with recognised banking standards.

From the player’s perspective, Tain’s payment gateway looks smooth, streamlined and minimalist. In the back end, however, there’s a lot going on. The firm’s so-called TPG is kitted out with anti-fraud tools and the ability for operators to easily manage deposits and withdrawals, adjusting pop-up text and other elements that are visible to the customer.

Naturally, it includes support for Visa and MasterCard, using strong cryptographic algorithms to protect customer data. 3D Secure implementation is available upon request.

Odds On

Calculating odds is an art, albeit one that’s heavily dictated by computer science. Tain are experts at compiling odds for the benefit of sportsbook operators. Every month, over 30,000 sporting events are held and Tain can provide odds for them all, not just score predictions, but all the minor variables that sports bettors enjoy wagering on.

Tain’s flexible API is designed to integrate seamlessly with third party platforms with minimal set-up time.

Every year, hundreds of millions of Euros are traded on sportsbooks off the back of odds that Tain have calculated. Because in-play betting is so popular now, Tain’s high-frequency trading engine has had to keep pace, adjusting its prices within a fraction of a second to respond to changes in player behaviour and in the sporting contest itself.

In all, the company covers over 20 sports, from soccer to baseball and from tennis to golf. All major US and European sports are covered; in the event of a client requesting a sport that isn’t currently handled by Tain, the Swedish odds experts will endeavour to add it.

Tain Licences

With well over 15 years in the gaming industry, it would be fair to say Tain know the ins and outs of it. The Swedes are only too aware of how complex and difficult it can be obtaining a gaming licence, particularly within certain jurisdictions.

There is an upshot to this however: the efforts the firm have put into familiarising themselves with this Byzantine business have made them well-equipped for advising third parties on how to follow suit.

If you’re considering getting into the gambling business, be it with a view to operating a virtual casino, live casino, sportsbook or bricks and mortar premises, you could do worse than to consult Tain.

The Swedes’ licensing advisory service can guide you through every step of the process, from establishing a legal company type to identifying payment methods that will be required in third-party markets.

Tain can also link clients with lawyers who possess the experience and contacts necessary to set up a company and arrange accountancy, directorship and all the other obligations that come with running a virtual casino.

Tain Casino

You’ve heard of gender neutral. Now say hello to vendor-neutral. Tain’s casino allows operators to choose from thousands of “vendor-neutral” games. In other words, the firm’s software is compatible with games from top third party developers, from NetEnt to Microgaming.

More than 2,000 games from leading industry lights can be added to your budding casino, with Tain’s back office software ensuring that it’s all ticking over behind the scenes.

With Tain’s casino software, there’s the ability to operate multiple bonuses and promotions, and naturally players can play games from different providers with no need to switch between wallets. Among the features that operators can look forward to are a highly secure system with anonymised player information, the ability to run player vs player tournaments and easy integration with new content providers.

Tain Extras

As a complete gaming services provider, Tain can supply everything – and when they say everything, they mean it. In addition to the firm’s gaming platform, payment gateway, sportsbook and other services, Tain can provide extras.

These extras include virtual sports which operate just like a regular sportsbook, enabling customers to place singles, accumulators and many other bets around the clock. Then there’s bingo, which is cropping up at an increasing number of casinos.

Tain can provide the tools that will enable operators to integrate bingo into their virtual casino. Likewise with poker; if your commitment to poker extends beyond offering your customers a handful of video poker games to amuse themselves with, you may be interested in Tain’s online poker software. This facility allows operators to offer iPoker and to host tournaments and sit n’ go events at online and land-based casinos.

The Final Word on Tain

Tain are a very busy and very diverse company that covers virtually all corners of the gambling market. The only thing they don’t seem to do is code games, leaving that to the experts such as NetEnt and their ilk. Everything else falls beneath the broad umbrella that Tain extends over the gambling industry.

Underpinning it all is Tain’s gaming platform that enables aspiring casinos to obtain a turnkey solution that includes everything from sports betting odds to payment provision.

The company even works in an advisory capacity, enabling companies to expand into new territories or to get their web-based casino off the ground, complete with the requisite gaming licence. All the things for all the people? That’s Tain.

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