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Pharaoh's Secret Slots

Cross into the mystical world of the Egyptians with Pharaoh’s Secret, the online video slot from developer Tain.

Discover the wealth hidden away as you walk in the footsteps of Egypt’s leaders while playing on the reels for instant cash.

But will you return with untold riches from the past? Here’s a review of Pharaoh’s Secret by Tain with everything you need to know.

Stony Secrets

Suspend reality and allow yourself to be transported to another time and place as you explore the secrets left by the Egyptian pharaohs.

The rulers of this great country were famed for their great wealth and their love of gold, jewels and other luxurious items. So if you dare to venture forth into the kingdom of the greats, you could be rewarded for your courage…

Aside from their riches and hedonistic lifestyle, the Egyptians were well known for their hieroglyphics many of which have survived until this day. Pharaoh’s Secret captures the essence of this ancient form of communication, creating a hideaway which appears to have been made from stone.

And on this stone as you might expect is the artwork completed many thousands of years ago, with intricate carvings revealing their life, loves and beliefs. With the game being played on a background of rock, you’ll see the beautiful images which have endured through the centuries bathed in a golden glow.

On the reels themselves you’ll find an array of symbols which are traditional to Egypt from the scarab beetle to the Eye of Ra, Cross of Horus, the god Anubis, Queen Nefertiti, a mummy’s head and of course, that most sacred of beings, the cat.

There’s no background music to this slot, and that adds to the sensation of remoteness but as the reels spin, you’ll hear stones grating and grinding into place. This is no ordinary game so you’ll need every inch of your will power to continue and not to run fleeing into the sunlight.

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Pharaoh's Secret

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What Treasures Await?

Playing deep in the tombs of the pharaohs means that there’s plenty of treasure just waiting for you to help yourself to. If you wander over to the paytable before you begin to play you can see for yourself the prizes that could be won.

As you might expect, you get payouts for matching symbols but the amount you receive depends on the current bet. Pharaoh’s Secret’s paytable is interactive, so it responds to whatever wager you select. If you want to see what different prizes could be available, change your betting preferences and watch the paytable update with the new prizes.

The lower value symbols will pay out for matching just two, but for the rest of the board you’ll need to match three to get a prize. The top win available for matching five mummy’s heads on a max bet is 5,000. This is also the jackpot win for the game.

There’s also a wild symbol which can help you to line up matches and make it easier to win.

Dare to Dabble

Once you’re ready to begin, decide how much you want to bet and set up the game accordingly. You’ll have the choice of playing with anything up to 20 paylines and a coin value of between 0.01 and 1.00.

The onscreen controls make it easy to change the bet whenever you need to.

On the reels you’ll also spot the bonus symbol and if you land five of these you’ll unlock the special bonus feature.

In this game you’ll be taken to a special room where your job will be to find the treasures hidden within. This may sound like an easy task but beware, there are pitfalls all around you! As you click on each treasure you spy, it will be added to your list along with the value that you’ve won. However, some precious items are hiding a terrifying mummy who will jump out at you and end the game if you click on it.

If you want to collect the biggest prize and avoid the horrifying sight of a mummy lurching towards you, you’ll need to choose your items very carefully in the bonus game.

Hidden History

Pharaoh’s Secret by Tain allows you to discover the world of Egypt as it was many centuries ago. This popular theme doesn’t offer the biggest prizes but it’s well designed and with an addictive style of play. The bonus feature is a welcome addition and all together, this slot is likely to be a big hit with players of all levels of experience.

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