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Shark Attack Slot Machine

If you’re of a delicate disposition you might want to skip past Shark Attack, the online video slot from developer Tain.

Not a game for the faint-hearted, there’s plenty of bloodthirsty action on the reels as you try to win cash prizes from the jaws of danger.

But will you make it back to the surface in one piece? Here’s a look at Shark Attack by Tain with everything you need to know.

Dive down

For those who are prepared to brave the shark-infested waters, there are prizes to be won in this simple game by Tain.

With just three reels and rudimentary graphics, it would be fair to say that Shark Attack is not the most sophisticated title from this developer. Nevertheless, for an easy and uncomplicated play it has a quirky appeal.

The size of the screen is small, so you’ll be left looking at a white filler if you’re playing on a laptop, almost as if Tain ran out of money and couldn’t afford to complete the job! However, the graphics that do appear are rather blurry and primitive and not comparable to many of the other slots on the market today.

But despite this very basic design, there are some inventive touches and if you have a fragile constitution you may still feel queasy at the sight of so much blood.

On the left of your screen, a hungry shark dons a pinny and brandishes a knife and fork, clearly anticipating catching some food pretty soon. This hungry fish is surrounded by splotches of blood and the title is blocked out in blood-red lettering too.

The reels and surrounding screen do integrate seamlessly, one big plus on this game. Aside from the shark beautiful turquoise waters fill the screen which in other circumstances would look very inviting for a dip.

And on the reels it’s clear to see that a number of creatures and people haven’t heeded the warning, and have taken to the water unaware that they’re dicing with death. Look out for the turtles, starfish, divers, fish and windsurfers on the reels - plus some extra sharks too!

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Shark Attack

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Sunken Treasure

No matter how many sharks are circling in the water, if you want to win the treasure you’re going to have to take the plunge, and that means stopping off at the paytable first.

Because this is a fairly simplistic game, there’s not the same complexity to the paytable but it’s still useful to help you decide how much you want to bet.

With just 3 reels you’ll only need to match up two or three symbols to win, with the shark as the top value prize.

The paytable is fully interactive so the prizes will change to reflect your current level of bet. If you want to see the different payouts on offer, simply change your wager and the paytable will update.

There are no extra symbols such as wilds, scatters or bonuses so it won’t take long to get to grips with what’s on offer in the depths of the sea.

Gruesome Play

Once you’ve finished checking out the prizes, return to the main reels and get ready to play but there’s just one more thing to do before you dive right in.

There are not really many betting preferences to choose from because this slot is comparatively small, but you can still decide how much to bet. You can select from 1.00 to 3.00 to bet on each spin; the more you bet the higher the potential prize will be.

When you spin the reels, if you land a winning line, prepare for a bloodbath. The reels will fill up with blood from bottom to the top, so the shark gets a treat as well as you receiving a prize.

There’s no autoplay function on Shark Attack but if you’re looking to play at the upper limit, there’s the Max button. This increases the bet to the maximum and saves you clicking through to adjust it manually.

Simple but Fun

Shark Attack by Tain is an online video slot, but one of the more basic designs on the market. It’s not really a game that the purists would enjoy because there’s little resemblance to classic play. However, it’s unlikely to prove particularly popular with video slot enthusiasts either, because there are few features and inferior graphics.

There are no big wins on offer and little flexibility in the betting, but it could make a good starting point for newbies who want to play a game that isn’t too complicated.

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