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Rising Gems Slots

The crystallization of minerals, both in their most raw and distilled forms, have been a subject of fascination to human beings for centuries; the subtle shimmers under lighting, the sparkle that dances in its reflection. It all makes us love gemstones, adorning our bodies and homes with as many of them as we can find and afford.

Rising Gems takes that love of ours and creates a glittering game that revolves around finding pixelated jewels rather than forking out a fortune to wear a rock on our fingers. So far we like the sound of this: minimal money but max gains. Instead of sending thousands of euros off to a jeweler, you become a collector of fine gemstones without having to spend more than 0.20.

If at any point during this game of 5 reels and 20 win lines you miss the allure of real life fabulous trinkets, you can make cardboard rings out of objects lying about the home. Or raid yours, or your spouse's, jewelry box for some much needed bling. If you’re going to win a x1,000 credit jackpot, you may as well look the part whilst you do it.

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Rising Gems

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Twinkling Cave

Where else would you expect to find gems as pure of these - caves are the beating heart of all mining, their caverns and rough surfaces making them a hive of treasures often left undiscovered for years at a time. In Rising Gems, you’ve been blessed with being able to venture deep into one of these cavities, to be presented with a 3x5 grid of floating jewels.

There are seven of these gems in all, with an additional two symbols that take the shape of the wild and scatter tiles; these two are your only way of initiating bonus features, for all the other gems are purely money based.

The gem with the most to offer is the electric blue sheen of the circular diamond, beautifully cut and polished to give observers a blinding illumination. Players will only ever be able to find between three or five of these beauties, with the highest number of matches equaling the highest number of credits.

When compared with other online games, 1,000 coins doesn’t sound impressive, but when you think that these tiles can be found multiple times, your jackpot begins to look more luxurious.

Fear not if you only ever seem to find the cheaper gemstones, for they can offer up a delightful wad of cash every now and again, with the pink teardrop jewel priced between 5 and 50 credits. Granted you’ll always prefer the 50 smackers than the measly 5, but everything comes together to make your final pay out a grand one, even the small wins.

Scattered About

The pulsating purple scatter can show up on any of the reels, which means it’s likely to appear quite often, although the amount of tiles may differ greatly; the ultimate goal is to get all five, but even three will do. By getting enough of the symbols, a series of spins will be awarded to you, with five tiles delivering the most rounds at 15. Money can also be gained here, between 2 and 100 credits, with the scatters able to be paired up unlike the rest of the pay table.

Rising Up

Getting hold of Rising Gems means that you’ll have to rise to the occasion and have a punt, even a low end bet of 2 credits overall will do the trick. Simply find out the Denomination toggle and get to work setting your bet value, which can climb up to 1 credit per coin. What this means is, if you bet 10 coins worth 1 credit each, your final stake will look like €200.

This is all assuming that you utilize every win line available to you, if not then your bet is going to come in at a much lower and more manageable cost, though that means the challenge of the slots will increase. Less space to move about means less areas to form winning combinations, which in turn makes more a volatile experience.

Mining for the Win

We weren’t sold on Rising Gems when we first loaded it up, it just seemed so typical of a slot machine with such a name; we were ready to cast it to one side, having had enough of cliche titles to last a lifetime. Thankfully we didn’t discard it, for if we had we’d have never discovered such a quaint but pleasing game. It isn’t the liveliest of slot machines, but it’s more than entertaining enough.

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