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Alibaba Slot

Alibaba may look like a busy and happening slot machine that will dazzle you with its sheer volume of delights, but it’s in fact a very subtle and low variance slot machine. Instead of overwhelming you on all fronts, it chooses to employ exceptional graphics combined with an enjoyable, albeit very simplistic, version of a slot machine. 

The theme is an Arabian night's dream, one that is steeped in mysticism and wonder, where anything can happen to the characters involved - they can die a tragic death or discover a lost tomb. No outcome is off the table, and so the intrigue never stops. This is how powerful the aesthetics are, that they can create another dimension that we can interact with, yet never say a single word or suggest a plot of any kind. 

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A Cave of Wonders

Even though we’ll be singing the game’s praises, there are specific aspects of it that rely on conventions of the tradition, in this case how the theme looks. 

Given its Eastern influences, the background is a purple night, the desert laid out before us with a cave that has been laid bare and its riches revealed. These treasures are so grand that their discovery could alter the course of the entire region, all it takes is for one person to rise up and claim it. The only thing is, that could be a person of purity or one of villainess intent, and so the wealth of Alibaba is constantly at risk of becoming tainted. 

Upon the 5 reels there is a clear bad guy and good buy, with Alibaba obviously being the latter; also thrown in for good measure is a lovely blue haired woman, adorned with luxurious jewellery. 

How to Play

Unlocking a win with this slot machine is relatively easy in theory, with users only ever needing to match at least three of the same symbol for a prize to be given. If you get more than three matches and get the full five, the payout will increase accordingly, giving you the chance of getting up to €5,000. 

For the money to make its way to you, you need to play with real life cash and not the virtual stuff, which means you’re going to need to leave the play for fun option well alone. It’s scary to begin with, but it gets easier the more you play. 

Big Bets, but Not the Biggest

As there are only 9 winlines, your max bet doesn’t have to add up to an unthinkable sum of cash, but can rather be a calm and collected amount of between 0.09 and 90 credits. Despite €90 being a lot of money to many of us, this is a lot less intimidating than some of the maximum stakes offered in other Spade Gaming titles, and so we should be grateful it isn’t worth more. 

How much you play with has no effect on the jackpot, which means you can afford to be tight with your budget and not be penalised for it; this is what we always like to hear. We’re terribly frugal when it comes to our funds. 

One thing you don’t have to be protective over is the automatic spins, for they are the best way of giving yourself a ‘timeout’ when the effects of gaming become too much for you to handle. Nobody wants to constantly be clicking their mouse, the sound alone annoying enough within the accompanying finger strain. An infinite number of rounds can be selected here, which is the standard for all of the brand’s slots. 

Small but Mighty in the Right Places

Alibaba is what it is: it won’t wow you but neither will it leave you feeling bitter, it simply gets you a decent amount of money with minimum effort required. And we wouldn’t change anything about it, even despite it being a very simplistic title. This is because some slot machines need to be more basic, mainly because there is a big market for them. 

Many gamers are in need of simple pleasures, having been burdened with overpowering slots for far too long.

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