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Creepy Cuddlers Slot Machine

It’s not often we play an online game that brings together cuddles and creepy goings on, but that’s exactly what SA Gaming has managed to do in the matrix of this slot machine. Although we wouldn’t say that this is an impressive feat, the fact that the brand has managed to make a semi-cute yet scary theme is enough to peak our interests.

Before you start to get up in arms that we used the word ‘cute’, bear in mind that we said semi in front of it. We in no way, shape or form thinking that you’re about to aww whenever you play the 5-reels of this slot, we simply think you’ll find it less scary than most. This, of course, means that users normally put off by horror activities will now (hopefully) feel more comfortable with the gameplay.

Off to the Farm with You

Just in case the whole not so scary comment hasn’t made you feel at ease, you can always try out the reels of Funny Farm, which is also an SA Gaming title. Inside the matrix you’ll find the same number of ways to play, as well as free games alongside a low to medium volatility. Essentially, you’re playing the same game but with a different theme, a fact some of you will love to hate. However, for us we like to be able to play games that are similar to the ones we like, so if you love Creepy Cuddlers, you’re likely to love other SA titles as well.

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Creepy Cuddlers

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Ways of Terror

The paytable of Creepy Cuddlers is slightly on the larger side of the spectrum, offering gamers a total of 14 different tiles to play. Although this is impressive, it’s not nearly as exciting as having 243 ways to play, which is exactly what you’re getting with the gameplay here.

We appreciate that this isn’t a new feature never seen before, in fact it would seem that more slots are trying to rid themselves of typical paylines. However, the fact that you have so much room to roam about the dead streets of night is enough to get you psyched. What it should mean is that landing a five of a kind match should be a hell of a lot easier than when playing with 50 winlines. Not that we can promise this to be true; as you all know, slots can be cruel mistresses.

Danger Zone

We’ve all seen our fair share of zombie films – an outbreak of some unknown disease sweeps the nation and before too long nearly everyone is dead. During this time, millions of warning signs go up around cities, informing people that they’re entering a contaminated zone, and to do so at their own risk. That warning is your scatter symbol in this title.

The scatter icon looks like a sign to avoid, but if you did that you’d miss out on scattered pays and free games. Furthermore, you wouldn’t be able to avoid the symbols even if you tried, as you can’t control the paytable like you can characters in a film. A five of a kind win will get you x30 of what you wagered, as well as several rounds of free spins. However, the extra games can come from just a grouping of three icons.

Pick Your Zombie

It’s not often you tell someone to pick a zombie, and if you do we’re seriously worried for your mental health and safety. Inside Creepy Cuddlers, prior to the free games starting, you’ll be asked to pick one of three options, each of which offer a varying level of worth.

  • Zombie 1: This is an option to have reel 2 as wild for the entirety of the games, with just 6 spins up for grabs.
  • Zombie 2: Instead of reel 2 you’ll have reel 3 becoming wild, and now a set of 9 extra rounds.
  • Zombie 3: Finally, you can choose to have a whole fourth reel dedicated to becoming wild, and as many as 12 free games.

Seeing as we’re reviewing this title, we’d like to say we know why there’s a difference in the number of games you receive alongside the chosen wild reel, but alas we don’t. We never got to activate the feature and so we’re left with nothing but speculation, which is a shame as we feel this special extra could be worth the hassle, if only we could unlock it.

Cuddles for All

We have to say that while SA Gaming haven’t done a great job, they’ve developed a slot machine that delivers a decent amount of entertainment value. Nevertheless, it could have been so much better if they had just refined their features and made the paytable more varied. No, this isn’t a low variance real cash slot, but it’s hardly going to give you unbelievable diversity.

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