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Red Nights Slot Machine

Nobody said the night had to be black. In fact, it’s likely to be running red when you play with PlayPearls in their eerie Red Nights. It’s a spooky spectacular that is fit for Halloween, but can be enjoyed every day of the year, meaning you’re never far away from a fright or two when the night rolls in.

So you’ve stumbled across a castle, it looks abandoned but you’re not too sure. What do you do, do you leave and keep searching for shelter, or do you brave staying the night? Be warned, there are ghosts and the rattling of chains down every corridor, and black cats that’ll hiss at you sooner than glance your way. Maybe they know something you don’t…

You’re going to need nerves of steel to survive the night here, but if you do you can leave a lot richer and prouder, knowing you made it through to the other side. Now night is falling and it’s all about to begin, is the colour red your colour? You’re about to find out!

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Red Nights

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Full Moon

That howling in the distance doesn’t sound too friendly, and it could be a wolf or something more sinister, but thankfully whatever that sound belongs to you won’t be finding it upon your reels. You will see some spectres dressed in white sheets, gnarled pumpkins with jagged grins, and eyeballs floating in juices bottled upon shelves. It’s enough to make you shiver, thank goodness the theme is a lot cuter looking than the name suggests.

There are quite a few daunting characters to meet while you’re staying, so you’d better learn their faces fast and remember their warnings well, treat them right and gold could be yours. At the very bottom of the pack is the green eyeball frozen in a haunting stare; three of them will get you 0.50 while five a slightly more impressive 5.00 credits, but either way the payout is small.

In opposition to this is a menacing looking skull with its brow furrowed, the frown aimed at us. Behind that exterior lies a maximum payout of 30.00 credits, the only problem is you need to locate all five of the skulls, and this place is so big it could prove challenging. You will get paid for finding three, but the amount of 5.00 seems so low for the trouble you have to go to.

Out of all of them though, it’s that bronze caldron filled with gold that we want to find, for it’ll give you so many free spins your eyes will roll in their sockets; this is where your second wind can come in. Add to that the flapping ghost of a wild, and you could soon be running from this dreadful place with cash spilling from your pockets.

Something's Coming!

Now that everyone is on your trail and you’ve become another victim of the Red Nights, you’re going to need to think fast and work with the game to get a favourable end. You can play for fun if you want to, but that won’t get you very far, so swap over to play for money and get betting.

The range users have to work with is a decent and accessible one, beginning with 0.10 per payline, working out at a total of 2.00, however they can go all the way to a final stake of 80.00 if bravery seizes them. These ghouls like pluck. No matter how you decide to proceed, you need to make sure 20 paylines is the amount you want on those reels, otherwise you have to click the number you want to change it. It’s very simple so you can do it even when on the run from whatever that thing back there was…!

As for the autoplay, well that makes everything even faster, which is handy because you’ll want the hours ticking away fast while staying here - the faster they are the speedier you are, and the quicker you can grab the money and go. You can stop and start the feature at any time, making it even more convenient.

In the Dead of the Night

Red Nights is a great slot machine. No, in fact it’s a brilliant one. While the money isn’t that mind blowing and the graphics aren’t as intricate as they could be, the substance overpowers it all and creates a title that anyone who has a passion for horror will simply adore. And even if you don’t, it’s something we think you’ll soon want to try after a small taste.

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