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Golden Stars Slot Machine

Star signs and the zodiac can stir up a lot of controversy among people, especially now that NASA has informed us we’ve all gotten our signs wrong. But when it comes to Golden Stars and their 5 reels, we experience nothing but a sense of serenity. 

Slot machines consisting of 20 paylines can be all guns blazing, need for speed demons, keeping you on the edge of your seats, your nerves tense from exhilaration, but not here. No, the game is more than entertaining enough, but it just radiates calm even when you’re closing in on the x1,200 credits jackpot. 

Don’t spend your time looking up at the skies outside and praying for a shooting star to grant your wish, instead look to PlayPearls slot Golden Stars for more instantaneous fortune. 

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Golden Stars

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The above word is the best and only way to describe this online activity, that and maybe fantastical, after which all other words just don’t come close enough to capturing how immersive the design is. If anyone has read our reviews before, you’ll know that we can be very blunt with our comments, but here we have nothing but praise for the aesthetics. In fact, even the payouts are pretty good. 

As we’ve come to expect from Play Pearls, there are 11 icons upon your reels, meaning that some of the 12 star signs have been sacrificed to make this slot machine work. It’s a shame to see this as all 12, and then the three special tiles, would have worked just as well. Maybe next time. 

Sagittarius is the most valuable on the grid, giving you a max return of 30 credits if you’re playing with minimal funds, and a much higher 1,200 if you’ve placed a large stake. If the difference in amounts confuses you, don’t worry as we’ll get round to explaining it. At the opposite end, giving us virtually nothing, is Aries with a very flat 5 credits, though this increases to 200 in some games, which is more like it. 

However you decide to play this title, the free spins icon will always pay the same amounts: 8, 15 or 40 credits, as well as keep the same amount of rounds available to you, with 40 being the cut off point for all players. Play Pearls have always been generous with their scatter symbols, and so it’s nice to see they’ve kept up that tradition here. While these rounds are already enjoyable, the wild can make them more so if it turns up and starts swapping the tiles around. 

Your Destiny

Is to bet some money. Sorry, guys but if you want to get some cash back you need to use some first, the only way to avoid that is to play the demo mode and forfeit all rewards. Fortunately for you, the betting range is between 0.10 and 4.00 on every one of the 20 paylines, meaning you can be as cautious or as brave as you like. 

When it comes down to the paylines, some of you are going to be wondering how you change them because, to the casual observer, it looks like this is a fixed paylines slot machine. It’s the numbers that hold the key, the ones around the grid – they can be selected prior to your game to personalise your playthrough. You’ll know when it’s worked as the lines not in use will become muted in colour, as if a light has been dimmed; it’s subtle but easy to spot. 

In regards to handing over the reins to the game itself, you just select the autoplay toggle and the reels will start rolling. You’ll also note at this time that the spin button is blocked out to stop you trying to press it unnecessarily, again it’s a subtle change. If you find you don’t like just watching and would much rather take part, re-click autoplay and control will be transferred back to you. 

What Does the Future Hold?

Quite a bit of cash, or at least so it seems. Golden Stars is such a zen experience that even in demo mode, it’s a lot of fun. It also relaxes you after a stressful day, which you won’t find many other slot machines doing. Whether it has any substantial longevity in it is another matter entirely, but it seems to be amassing plenty of players right now.

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