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PlayPearls Slots

PlayPearls are a software development company whose bread is buttered in the iGaming industry. Slots are their speciality, but the ambitious new company have a lot more to them than rolling reels and scatter bonuses.

Maltese-registered gaming companies are ten a penny, but then there are very good reasons for such firms to be incorporated in the gambling haven that is the Mediterranean isle. Besides, PlayPearls aren’t just another run-of-the-mill gaming company: there’s enough about this upcoming outfit to suggest they’re going to become a major force in the industry within the next few years.

Who are PlayPearls?

PlayPearls are a talented and predominantly youthful team whose focus is on software design, gaming and casino entertainment. In the short time they’ve been established, the firm have built up an extensive portfolio that attests to the quality and inventiveness of their work.

The company are best known for their in-house games, but have also developed live casino games and white label options.

Headquartered in Valletta, with offices overlooking the marina, PlayPearls’ products have travelled well beyond the central Mediterranean island, infiltrating online casinos all over the web.

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Casino in a Box

If you’ve ever dreamed of operating your own online casino, PlayPearls have got everything you need. Well, almost everything: you’ll still need an operator’s licence, but everything else – games, front- and backend software – PlayPearls can supply. They promise a short set-up time, allowing operators to swiftly get up and running and turning a profit.

Their casino packages are suited to attracting high rollers, the sort of players whose continued custom can make all the difference. PlayPearls’ casino packages are particularly attractive to land-based casinos that are looking to make the transition to the web.

They already have experience of successfully running a casino; what they don’t have is the software and the suite of analytic tools that comes with it – and that’s where PlayPearls come in. From blackjack to baccarat, PlayPearls’ live games allow casinos to broadcast 24/7 – and to make money 24/7.

Casino Solutions That Just Work

One of the biggest boons for online casino operators is possessing the ability to host live games. Because this makes for a more convincing casino experience – one that mirrors playing live in a bricks and mortar casino – players are more inclined to stick around and to wager more. For companies looking to host or receive live games, PlayPearls’ plug and play solutions are ideal.

White labels are also a mainstay of the company’s service offering. These include providing everything from slots and table games to admin tools and payment facilities. The operator simply needs to choose and register a domain, whereupon PlayPearls can take care of the rest. Their coders will craft a bespoke website to the client’s specifications, leaving them with little more to do than take care of the day-to-day operations.

Software Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

PlayPearls’ games are user-friendly and extremely versatile. They’re designed to work across a range of devices including tablet and mobile. They’re also designed to work with touchscreen devices, providing a user experience that’s as seamless on mobile as it is on desktop.

PlayPearls’ games will work on iOS, Android and Windows, ensuring that players can enjoy the company’s titles on whichever device they happen to own.

The Malta-based development company also creates kiosk solutions that provide a fresh take on online betting. From roulette to slots, PlayPearls’ kiosk solutions are designed to appeal to gamers of both sexes and all ages.

The Software Company That Works for You

PlayPearls’ greatest suit is arguably their ability to create fully bespoke solutions for casinos. Their out of the box solutions are effective, but for casinos looking to stand out from the competition, it’s crucial to imprint their own brand and unique identity onto their site. PlayPearls’ white label packages are ideal for this, providing a cost-effective and highly customisable means of developing an online casino.

Games That Play like a Dream

Terms like ‘white label’ might interest casino operators, but players are more interested in the end result. Never mind what’s going on behind the scenes – what are PlayPearls’ games like? Are they fun to play? Is there a variety of ways to win? How are the graphics and sound effects? The short answer is ‘Pretty damn impressive’. The slightly longer answer goes as follows…

PlayPearls’ games, their slots in particular, are perfect for the modern online casino. Large buttons and a clean, minimalist layout ensure that games look sharp and attractive across all devices. There’s no clutter or unnecessary display information to be found here, leaving players free to focus on the details that matter.

Bloody Mary’s Booty is a fine example. The pirate-themed slot is graced by gorgeous, almost photo-realistic graphics and subtle sound effects that mimic the sounds of the sea. While most of the company’s games are forward-looking, they’re not averse to referencing the past and paying tribute to the slots that gave rise to their contemporary video slots equivalent.

PlayPearls’ 3D classic slot machines mimic the machines of yore, right down to the red digital display and glowing fruit symbols. The experience is akin to stepping into an arcade or a pub circa 1998.

Splendid Slots and Great Games

When it comes to developing new slots, PlayPearls seem to draw their inspiration from everywhere. There are stylish but familiar titles such as Pharaoh’s Treasure, and then there are more characterful efforts such as Mafia Story, whose gorgeous film noir graphics elicit all the intrigue and malfeasance of the mob in their heyday.

Silky smooth animations see reels bounce gently and symbols shake to denote winning combos, with subtle sound effects enhancing the game without overpowering it.

PlayPearls’ slots feature a comprehensive help section complete with a full list of winning symbols including wild, bonus and scatter.

Music Stage is another video slot whose level of details places it on another level from the vast majority of 5-reel games. Symbols are drawn out in a highly stylistic and imaginative manner, from glockenspiel to drum kit and from vinyl record to accordion.

The bonuses and features PlayPearls deploy don’t break the mould, but the actual design of the games shows an exquisite attention to detail. The Vikings, Zodiac Signs, Deep Sea, Native Indians, Tiki Beach, Lizard Disco...the list goes on.

Cast a casual glance over PlayPearls’ slots and you’ll be struck by the diversity of them, not just in theme but in design. While some developers are content to release lightly reskinned versions of existing titles, PlayPearls appear to return to the drawing board on every occasion in an effort to come up with something new.

Pearls of Wisdom

PlayPearls are a company who’ve wisely decided to branch out, moving beyond just games to provide complete casino solutions. While players will still cherish the Malta-based company for their hugely enjoyable slots and table games, casino operators will be more enamoured with the complete package. With the ability to supply white label solutions and to develop products that work seamlessly across all devices, the future for PlayPearls is looking very bright indeed.

For casinos looking to get up and running in the quickest time possible, PlayPearls are a godsend, taking care of business at both the front- and backend and incorporating payment processing and admin functions. Expect to be seeing the PlayPearls logo cropping up at a lot of online casinos in the coming years.

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