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Penguin Vacation Slot Machine

Everyone needs a vacation every now and then, a chance to get away from the rat race and indulge in a little pampering time, and penguins are no different. That’s right, these cold loving creatures need a break too, and who are we to deny them it! 

Seeing as the penguins from PlayPearls are so generous, they’ve decided to let you come along for their holiday. Don’t get too excited though, as it looks like they’re making the most of what they’ve got around them, we’re talking igloos, ice slides and lots of ice cream - if you don’t like the cold, you’re going to want to pack every warm item you own. 

Quirky as it is rewarding, these fun loving guys are going to help you out along the way too, and not just because they’re footing that hotel bill, they’re actually going to get you closer to a juicy jackpot

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Penguin Vacation

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Take a Dip

Okay, so taking a dip here is not only physically impossible (unless you’ve got a pool inside your house), but it’s also freezing. The Antarctic is hardly for heatwaves, so you may want to hop on in with your thermals on. 

Readying themselves for that swim is a female and male penguin (we’re guessing from one having eye make-up and the other not), their duck floats anticipating the icy waters. These two can get you 75 and 100 credits, provided you get five of each, however they can also be reduced down to a much lower 6 and 7.50. So as you can see, this isn’t going to be a big money spinner for you. 

The tile with an ice cream holding feathered friend with the words Penguin Vacation on it is your wild, and it is the most valuable out of all the symbols, coming in at 200. Line up several matches of these and your jackpot could soon be nearing the thousand mark, though it isn’t an easy feat to manage. He will also remove other icons except for the free spins and bonus tiles. 

As for these two features, the bonus round can be triggered at any time when three of the symbols appear, which will then take you on over to a feature game dripping with icicles and frantic penguins. While the free spins is similar in how many you need, it will grant you extra waves to play for free rather than a different level entirely. Neither is overly generous in nature nor are they a let down, they simply stay as a happy medium propelling the gameplay along without morphing in into something more exciting. Which is odd as the music sounds like the soundtrack to a racing car film, so you’d think the action would match – maybe the penguins are all talk and no walk? 

The Cost

Every holiday comes at a cost, but this is sure to be the cheapest you’ve ever had to spend, unless you’ve gone on a free vacation before, in which case this is going to sting you, though how much is down to you. 

Players can start with a very basic 0.10 but they can increase this up to 1.00, neither amount being too costly, however when you take into account that that amount is on each payline, you realise it does begin to add up. Your first bet will never be over 20 credits though. 

Once you’re happy with the total you can start putting those reels into motion, watching as these penguins slip and slide their way to happiness; this can be done manually or with some help from the autoplay. This option can be started and stopped at any time, but it’s unlikely you’ll be pausing it unless you have to as it’s so darn convenient! Your mouse and your fingers can have a vacation too; everybody wins! 

Your Dream Trip?

Doubtful when it comes to Penguin Vacation because it may look great and sound funky, but that’s about it, not even the bonus round can save it from being average. Nonetheless, it’s still a decent 3.5 ratings wise, and so you’ll want to give it a go even if it’s just the one time.

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