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The Aliens Slots

Given the sheer size of the universe, most scientists have come to the conclusion that it was extremely unlikely that we were the only sentient species to exist.

The Aliens is a YoYou Gaming video slot game that takes players on a cosmic journey to meet our galactic neighbors. As it turns out, all of them are a rather friendly and goofy lot, ready to land a player a hand to win astronomical amounts of money on the reels – given a little luck.

Take a moment to read our full review of The Aliens and you will soon become an expert on extraterrestrial life and the best ways to win big on the reel of this game.

Prepare for a Voyage Across the Stars

The Aliens is definitely playing the sci-fi card to create a fun and unique game universe for players to enjoy, and the final result is quite satisfying to look at compared to other space-themed slots.

If the reels and command bar occupy most of the screen space, there is still room for players to catch a glimpse of a vast spatial landscape in the background. A few bright green flying saucers are also present, while the entire game screen also displays a rather green and, well, alien atmosphere.

The Aliens mixes sci-fi with humor and adds decent graphics on top for a unique and pleasant mix. As for the ground rules, let’s take a look at the gameplay in the next section of the review.

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The Aliens

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Intergalactic Travel Made Easy

The basic rules of The Aliens are quite straightforward and follow a classic pattern – especially for players who have already enjoy other YoYou Gaming creations in the past.

The game features 3 reels and 8 fixed paylines in total. Lining up specific symbol combinations onto these paylines is the key to win a cash reward. All these rewards are determined by both the symbols involved and the size of your wager. You can use the command bar under the reels in order to adjust your bet settings and put between 1 and 10 coins on the table for the next spin.

Should you feel especially lucky, the bet max button is there to let you go all-in with a single click of your mouse to maximize your chances of hitting the jackpot. If you prefer to choose a wager manually, you can always place it on several spins in a row thanks to the handy autospin game mode, available at any time during the game.

Adorable Characters All Over the Reels

The paytable of The Aliens is made up of different reel symbols, some original and linked to the game universe and other more classic.

The most common icons are the egg and the five different species of aliens. All of them come in different colors, shapes and degrees of furriness, but they all look quite cute altogether. The maximum rewards here correspond to 50 coins.

The bar signs, sevens and flying saucers are rarer during the game, but also more valuable. With payouts going up to 300 coins at once, you might want to keep an eye open or two for these valuable combinations.

Plenty of Hidden Ways to Win More

The Aliens has an original and somehow convoluted approach to its own bonus features. For instance, landing four flying saucers in the same turn can trigger up to 20 free spins – the number of free games being dependent on the size of your initial bet.

Filling up the entire screen with flying saucers can also yield extra big wins of up to 3,000 coins at once. Do the same with any other coins for other new prizes, up to 150 coins.

The last 5 symbols of the paytable can also award extra cash prizes if they either fill up the whole screen of if five identical symbols land in either a cross or a plus shape on the reels. The rewards depend on the wager, but you can win up to 15,000 coins at once with this technique.

A Cute Yet Challenging Game

The Aliens manages to create an original and fun game universe with unique characters and a simple basic gameplay, which many players will enjoy.

That being said, the true big wins of the game are hidden amongst complex and not so intuitive bonus features that will require both luck and patience to be triggered.

As a result, The Aliens is probably a game best enjoyed by experienced players, who are not afraid to persevere until they reach the jackpot.

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