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Pets War Slots

Pets War is, as you would expect, a non-progressive online slots game brought to you from the makers and creators down at YoYouGaming.

Featuring 20 paylines over 5 reels, this game blends together the cute and cuddly with the art of war. This is because through this game we are taken to a world at war, where no one is safe from the battle that is taking place between cats and dogs.

In this world of pets you will come up against dogs with an axe to grind and cats who are looking to claw their way to the very top. Cliché in pretty much every sense, this game is hardly going to win any prize for originality, but that isn’t really the calling card of Pets War.

When it comes down to it Pets War is a game that really slots into the YoYouGaming pack well, with it having some incredibly positive attributes that make it worthy of a reel spin or two.

The War to Settle the Score

The theme to an online slots release is one of the most important things to consider, as in any game as it can make or break its overall. Let’s be honest, you wouldn't want to play a game that hasn't got an interesting outlay.

Pets War is one of those games that really does have an amazing theme, which taps into the wild antics of various different animals. With this solid animal theme in place, the graphics appear to be on the same level and compliments the total game experience fantastically well.

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Pets War

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It is shocking to think the amount of games that are let down by graphics, with Pets War bucking that trend, with this game showing off graphics that have clearly come about through noted financial investment.

Cute, Cuddly, and Conniving

Wagering limits have split opinions for many years, as some see the validity in their use, but others no so much. No matter what your opinion is, it is doubtful that limits are going to change any time soon, so it is great to see company’s like YoYouGaming embrace them in a positive fashion. Speaking on Pets War specifically, if you want to place a bet in this game you will need to at least put down 0.05 per payline.

However, if you want to max out matters you can wager 0.50 per payline, which really does open up the door to some lofty level betting. Really, the level of betting in Pets War is only limited by the bankroll you have at hand.

Smelling Out the Riches

It's all well and good having a great game with impressive graphics, but you aren't going to want to play a game that won't return an investment on your time or money. Pets Wars sidesteps this pitfall by having a very welcoming jackpot to attract all manner of would be players, however this game adopts a different approach to the whole jackpot idea.

Anything but Static

Rather than offering a static jackpot, you have the chance to be in control of your own jackpot payout. This is because in Pet Wars all jackpots in the game are based solely on multipliers. For example, a 1,000x multiplier in this game could easily turn you £1 value wager into a £1,000 payout.

Paws and Claws at the Ready

If the impressive jackpot control wasn’t enough, Pet Wars also implements an effortlessly easy to control button system for good measure. Running along the bottom of the screen is a selection of buttons that allow you tweak and alter all aspects of Pet Wars. Following that, all any player needs to do is hit spin to get the game well and truly underway.

It’s Time to Engage in Pets War!

Pets War is a very clever game, as it taps into everyone's love of pets. From that perspective, it produces a genuinely captivating game, as well as supplying graphics that make gameplay just flow brilliantly on screen. The jackpot is totally in your hands here as well, so you are the one that decides how much you win.

When it comes down to it, Pets War is a game that has everything, so expect it to become a popular YoYouGaming release in the weeks and months to come.

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