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Ghost House Slots

Ghost House features 15 paylines spread over 5 reels and is yet another non-progressive slot game release brought to you by the development team at YoYouGaming. In this fresh looking new game, you are transported to a spooky house inhabited by ghosts and monsters.

Across all 5 reels you will come face to face with a house full of unholy creatures, each of which is trying to stop you from reaching the carefully guarded jackpot. As you make your way through the halls you will be faced with many obstacles like black cats, ghosts, and all manner of evil, as this one game this appears to go all in when it comes to its impressively frightful theme.

Within Ghost House monsters have kept the jackpot at bay for a hundred years, will you be the one to vanquish evil and restore peace to this Ghost House? Can you avoid these scary creatures and navigate the creepy halls to find the jackpot? If you think you have what it takes, we recommend that you get stuck into the review below!

Ghastly Ghouls Galore

Ghost House adopts the ever-popular stake limit rule, where you are required to meet certain wagering limits, which ultimately benefits the customer and promotes safe and sensible gambling. If you want to place a bet within this game you have to wager a minimum of 0.05 per payline, while you can't exceed more than 0.50 per payline as a maximum wager. When it comes to YoYouGaming these limits are fairly commonplace, with such opening the door to what the rest of Ghost House has in store.

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Ghost House

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Treading Through the Halls

Playing Ghost House couldn't be easier, with the ever-growing popularity of online slot games developers are trying to gameplay as straightforward as possible and it certainly shows within Ghost Story. All you need to do is to match three or more matching symbols on any one payline to receive a win. Obviously the more symbols you match the higher your prize will be, but as far as the gist of gameplay is concerned, Ghost House is a title that really does stand by the basics.

Haunted by Ghosts of Jackpots Past

When you look at the title of Ghost House, it is clear to see the theme that YoYouGaming was going for, that being a house filled with ghosts. They do say the simple things can be the most effective and Ghost House certainly was the right theme to choose in this case.

YoYouGaming have made something simple into something that visually speaking is quite brilliant, as they have really brought to life the supernatural. The graphics both on and off the reels certainly compliment each other well, with the game featuring imagery that just pops from the screen. Simply put, this game has the visuals that will certainly deliver a spook or two.

Feel the Presence of Spirits

When we play a slot game the main thing on our mind is, how much can I win? After all, most of us play online slots for the rewards that awaits at the end of a good game session.

Being a non-progressive slot game the jackpot of Ghost House is hardly spectacular, but that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. The black cat is the best symbol you can get and if you're lucky enough to get five on any payline then you can win 1,000x your base stake, what this basically means is that you can really ramp up your bottom line with this little added extra in effect. This is becoming very common in modern games and leaves the jackpot totally in the hands of the player.

Take a Trip Through the Ghost House!

When it comes to games based on a supernatural entity, this has to be regarded as one of the best, for the simple fact of how well this game flows from start to finish. You are brought into a world that you can really get sucked into and feel part of.

Even putting the amazing theme aside, you have graphics that are top of the line and will stand the test of time for years to come. Yes, the jackpot does fall somewhat short, but it really would be unfair to judge this game on that alone. All in all, Ghost Home delivers a highly enjoyable online slots experience that is well worth taking note of.

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