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Big Game Spin 16

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For all new players at Big Dollar Casino

For all new players at Big Dollar Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

For all new players at Big Dollar Casino


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Big Game Spin 16 Slot Machine

There is a vast array of slot game themes that have become commonplace in the industry as of late, with one being Africa. The open plains of the Serengeti have, for whatever reason, become pure inspiration for slot game developers around the world. 

Looking at games that have used the African theme most effectively, you can’t help but mention Mega Moolah. However, this title by no means stands alone, as recently some other African themed titles have begun to make the grade. 

Big Game was already a much-loved online slots release, but it has now been taken to a new level thanks to Big Game Spin 16. Spin16 gameplay has certainly impressed us in the past, so we were certainly excited to here that Saucify where giving it another run out. 

When you reuse a much-loved online slots game to push new gaming technology, players will either meet you with groans or applause. In the case of Big Game Spin16 it really should be a case of the latter, as the following review will go on to explain in greater detail. 

Animals and Action Galore

With a name like “Big Game Spin16” it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the theme of this game is. Throwing players into the middle of the African plains, what you’ll find on screen is a green and brown backdrop, which is littered with plants and grass. 

Being honest, the backdrop of the game is more or less a bit part aspect when compared to what’s on the reels. It’s littered with cute and cuddly animals, with the lion, hyena, zebra, meerkat, and baboon all having the power to put a smile on the face of player. Graphically, Big Game Spin16 doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is pretty great to see quite frankly. 

The Sweet Sound of Africa

What has become the true calling card of Saucify (outside of the Spin16 gameplay mechanic) is the fact that the really pick up the slack on the audio front. Most games really neglect this presentation element, but Big Game Spin16 certainly doesn’t fall into this trap. 

The game makes use of an African inspired tune, which plays as you make your way through the game. When you spin the reels you’ll here some additional clinking sounds, which just allows you to differentiate in game actions a little bit. 

Whipping the Reels in All Directions

The gameplay is what is likely to sell Big Game Spin16 to the masses, as the Spin16 gameplay setup may very well represent the future of online slots. Through this players are able to spin the reels not just vertically, but horizontally as well, which opens the doors to a whole new realm of winning opportunities. This also works to modify the payline setup of the game, making it much more exciting as a result. 

Trust us when we say that Big Game Spin16 delivers big-time fun, as the reels always find a way to throw out something new and exciting. 

Wilds, Scatters, and Plenty of Replay Value

Like any other Saucify game, Big Game Spin16 makes use of a number bonus features. However, it should be noted that this doesn’t include the presence of a bonus game here. What players have to make use of are free spins, which come about through a multiplier loaded scatter symbol. 

On top of this there is the usual wild symbol offering, which makes a winning combination a little easier to locate. 

Big Game Spin16 can’t be sold as a bonus bonanza, but it does allow for plenty of replay value through what it brings to the table. 

On the Hunt for Cash in Big Game spin16!

The facts don’t lie; to compete with the rest of the online casino industry, online slot games had to change. This change has come about through brand new technology; with Big Game Spin16 and the Spin16 technology it uses leading the charge. 

While it isn’t perfect just yet, as there are a few kinks that need ironing out, it’s clear that this game has “something”. Allowing for reel spinning in all directions and thus and impressively exciting slots experience, anyone on the hunt for something fresh slots action should certainly give Big Game Spin16 a try!

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