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Saucify Online Slots

For a relatively new company, Saucify already has a large range of slots – covering everything from traditional 3-reel games to innovative 3D titles. This software house used to be known as BetOnSoft, and was formed in 2006 in the UK with the help of a private equity investment. While many of the titles are on the plain side, with simple graphics and free spin bonus rounds, there are some real gems in the line-up too. Many of the traditional themes like wildlife, Asian symbols and the Wild West are covered. You will also find some quirky and humorous titles, for example Monkey Business or Tails of New York.

Saucify slots are now available to play in your browser window. This means many more casinos are able to include these games – alongside the offerings of other software houses. For me the plain graphics and colourful backdrops make these games ideal for playing on the smaller screens of phones. We might soon find out that Saucify slots are about to go from relative obscurity and reach out to a new generation of mobile slots fans.

Free to Play Saucify Slot Machine Games

Innovations from Saucify

Fundamentally, these are simple slot games. The innovations come in the themes and ways that existing technology is used – rather than through new game-play or bonus games which have not been seen before.

Examples of innovative used of ideas includes random wilds on two slots. Buck$y Malone and Lucky Leprechauns both have wild symbols which appear on the reels at random after you spin. In Buck$y Malone, an ‘assassin’ appears and shoots the wilds into place. In Lucky Leprechauns, these are dropped using magic dust by a Leprechaun on the top of the reels.

A real innovative slot is Arcadia i3D. I have seen many 3D slots before, though the perspective this one takes is totally different. The 243-ways (no traditional win-lines) system is used here too, making the slot very enjoyable.

Several things to note here, for both the 5 reel and 3 reel slots. For the traditional 3-reel games there is a background audio track which can definitely be called a hallmark. This reproduces the sound of being in a real casino. There is (muffled) chatter, the clink of coins being won from nearby slots and electronic beeps.

The Konami Code soon gained a lot of popularity and was used in several other games as the years passed by. Kazuhisa Hashimoto was the man responsible for creating the code as he found it very difficult to play Gradius when he was testing it.

5-reel slots all have free spin games. These are largely similar, with one particular hallmark being that a lot of them have a multiplier on your wins for the duration of the bonus game. Some have innovative features like sticky wilds – though mostly you’ll find simple features where the focus is winning money.

Best Saucify Slots

Having played more than 50, there are quite a few of these games which I have marked as worth playing again. Below are 3 highlights, covering the range of titles which Saucify offer.

#1 – Buck$y Malone: This gangster slot is excellent; with the crazed looking assassin firing extra spins onto the reels. One feature which would be easy to miss is the ‘gamble after win’. Normally, this is just a choice of red / black or the suit of a random playing card. In this slot it is tied in with a visit to the boss’s office. I will not spoil the plot here, though it is (almost) worth losing a win to see what happens.

#2 – Runaway Train: A lot of players enjoy 3 reel slots, and this one combines authentic game-play with a quirky and fast-paced theme. I like the way the bar symbols are bars of gold in particular. If you can stand the background chatter, this makes a solid choice for traditional slot fans.

#3 – Arcadia i3D: Instead of reels you get all sorts of crazy goods coming out of a factory. There are ducks, aliens and more. The 3D is enhanced by background effects like birds flying past and trucks. When you hit the bonus game, birds swoop in and fly off with the name of the slot, replacing this with a display for your total. This slot is a must-return game for me, and is worth checking out simply for the 3D effects.

Saucify Company Overview

While there is an impressive sounding mission statement / philosophy on the Saucify website, clear information about the ownership is not so easy to find. Formed in 2006, this company were known as BetOnSoft for many years, switching to Saucify only recently. They were originally formed in the UK by a group of private investors. In addition to their range of slots, this company produces Video Poker and casino table games.

Saucify Slots – Conclusion

There are some excellent games in the portfolio of this company – and also some rather dull ones. Fortunately, the humorous themes and colourful designs make even the plain slots worth a look. For this software I would recommend looking through the reviews before you get stuck in. This way you’ll find the gems without having to play the less interesting titles.

Having seen what they are capable of, I think that the Saucify are a software house to watch.

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