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Bee Together Slot Machine

We may all be guilty of forgetting it from time to time, but the bee is one of humanities greatest allies within the natural world. The host of good the little fur balls do us really is quite astounding once you drill down into the facts, but that’s a subject surely a subject deserving of its own write-up.

Thinking way outside of that box of theirs – as per usual – the highly innovative team at PAF gaming have once again left us with our jaws on the floor, with the recent release of their free Bee Together slot. While their competitors fuss over yet another fruit machine format release, this lot are lightyears ahead with their uncompromising and wholly unique take on modern online slots games.

The premise for the Bee Together video slot appears to be very simple indeed. A console which immerses players into the more-complex-than-you-would-expect world of the humble bee, you say? Well sign us up!

Fuzzy Theme

There’s just no getting around the old school meets future look and feel of this game. That may seem like one hell of a contradiction (and all within the same of half a sentence – impressive!), but once you’ve had a little run out on this thing you’ll understand exactly what’s being driven at. Fully mobile-optimised and ready for play across all modern browsers, this game packs 3D graphics that don’t go too far in assuring you that enough time and money was spent on creating the game as a whole. Instead, a slick and easily navigated interface does this. When a game that is fundamentally complex can be disarmed within the space of a spin or two, that’s an exceptional achievement on the part of the developer.

Software by PAF is becoming increasingly well known for its flawless playability. This game will surely only add to that already burgeoning reputation, and with no download needed before you can get in on the action yourself, it’s easy to see why players of all tastes are flocking to see what’s on offer.

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Bee Together

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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State of the Hive

Some punters don’t really hold much regard for a games theme. You may be one of them. It’s within anyone’s right to prioritise the real meat of a game over anything else, after all it is the game feature least open to interpretation.

Bee Together is an online casino game that really behaves like one. It possesses a medium variance score, as seems to be the fashion lately, but rest assured – it has some serious bite if you know how best to handle it, not to mention yourself.

The wager scope (0.20-20.00) allows players to dig in and shoot for high-paying scenarios, or keep things close to their chests and play it safe if that’s what they prefer. The choice allowed is the game feature most worth writing home about here. With a mid-90s RTP, there’s little question that you should be looking to play for real money as quickly as you can here, and with a host of lucrative bonus features on offer as the state of play progresses – it shouldn’t take too long before the rewards make themselves known!

Similar Nectar

Two other titles from PAF hold striking similarities to the Bee Together slot. The first is Tivoli, a SPIN animated 20 payline packing beast that holds a medium volatility and continues to be the favourite of many players despite being released a couple of years back. The second goes by the name of ‘Travel the World’ and once again possesses many similar features – not to mention a very aspirational theme that will have you glued into place for hours exploring.

If you’ve come across either of these games in the past, you would do very well to give Bee Together a spin at the next opportune moment. It’s largely built from the same stock, but features a fresh theme sure to keep you ticking along!

Bee Realistic

Bee Together is not only one of the most recent slots releases from the PAF team, it is one of their very best of all time. When constructing an objective review, it’s wise to stray as far away from this kind of comment as possible, but in this case, it’s more than justified.

The theme is unlike that of any other game this reviewer has played in recent memory. It engages from start to finish and communicates every detail of the game and its landscape in real terms. Moreover, the way the console is put together feels familiar yet fresh and to top it all off, it allows for a very wide field of play so that no player is left out of the action.

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