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Animal Farm Slot Machine

Scandinavian developers PAF are never ones to shy away from creating a game that takes on the appearance or likeness of something wholly unique and never before seen within our industry. This is just one of the many reasons why they’re so highly regarded all over the world as a pack leader in modern iGaming. Their string of engaging and daring online slots releases to date have sparked nothing short of a revolution within modern online casino focused gambling.

A great deal of excitement always precedes any release from the PAF team, and things were no different whatsoever during the run up to the public launch of the all-new Animal Farm video slot. Sharing a name, whether purposefully or not, with the infamous George Orwell novel of the same name – this game instantly had our attention. Release day soon came around and we were overjoyed to explore the universe the PAF team had created for us all this time around.

Fur-clad Theme

The vibe kicked forward from the load screen itself does a great deal to separate this game from the aforementioned novel. While the tale told by Orwell all those decades ago was a bleak and stark satire on the dangers of political hypocrisy, it’s plain to see that this game is all about the good times! Thank goodness for that.

Cartoonish and warm 3D graphics work in conjunction with engaging sound effects and full browser compatibility to offer players an interface that is nothing short of wonderful. Software by PAF is becoming increasingly high quality, not to mention well known and revered as a direct result of this. Each game feature present up to, and of course including, this console’s five reels are stunning in their looks and really set the player up for a lengthy session at the helm.

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Animal Farm

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Serious Game or Horsing Around?

The worry with games that take on a more infantile theme is always whether or not to do with whether they’ll deliver in terms of volatility. Typically, more old fashion punters will avoid games adhering to the modern trend of bright and bubbly theme choices in favour of the more classic slots out there. While it’s their prerogative to do so, it would be a great shame in this instance.

The free Animal Farm slot operates around a medium variance build, yet another feature growing more and more synonymous with this generation of ‘one size fits all’ games. This middle of the road approach does absolute nothing to diminish the power at play here however. With a return to player percentage in the (very) high 90’s, it doesn’t take long at all to get into the swing of things and land on some pretty chunky payouts.

As far as particular mechanics are concerned, this is a typically punctual and efficient PAF release. Players may choose to work with any or all of the lines per spin and can retain constant contact with not one, but three separate progressive jackpots. To say this keeps things exciting is a drastic understatement!

Sheep and Cattle

This game undoubtedly boasts one of the most characterful themes currently available on the real cash slots market. However, that doesn’t mean it’s immune from comparison to some other titles currently doing the rounds, does it? After all, drawing direct links between games remains one of the more foolproof ways of finding new favourites!

Two games that bear close resemblance to Animal Farm are Capecod Gaming’s ‘Candyland’ and ‘Valhalla’ from Wzadan. Though neither bark up the same tree in terms of the way they look or sound, they play within the same guidelines as far as volatility (medium) is concerned, not to mention featuring many of the same bonus and additional features. If you’ve found yourself enchanted by either in the recent past, you’d be missing a real opportunity by passing on Animal Farm.

Leaving the Farm

All things considered, Animal Farm is one of the more solidly constructed titles to have emerged from the PAF stable. It’s a fast and reliable console built around the kind of variance that low limit players and serious gamers can mutually enjoy. What’s more, it manages to be this way without ever seeming forced or conceited.

While this may not sound like a big deal, it really is. More games would do well to follow in the steps of this one. By offering a neutral platform which bases its rewards structure on persistence and scalability as opposed to blind luck, PAF have undoubtedly constructed the kind of game that will draw in a cult following, instead of a flighty five minutes in the spotlight type title.

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