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Extinction Slots

Witness life on the verge of destruction with this prehistoric themed slot machine by Odobo software. Extinction has 5 reels and 20 paylines, taking spinners back in time to 65 million years ago when life on earth was threatened by a devastating asteroid impact. Therefore, this game is filled with epic action and adrenaline fuelled bonus features, the most notable of which is the Free Spins Bonus in which a rain of meteors bombards the reels to offer extra wild wins.

Primordial Slot

Odobo is a software company which isn't afraid to tackle some momentous themes, even if it is the near destruction of all life on earth like in this antediluvian slot machine. This means that there are a load of primeval animals propping up the reels, all of which seem to be having a jolly good time, unaware that they are about the be totally owned by some falling space debris. There are small mollusc critters and big dragonflies, velociraptors and pterodactyls, stegosauruses, triceratops and sauropods. Even the big cheese of the dinosaur kingdom, the Tyrannosaurus rex, makes an appearance. To be honest, it's kind of a good thing that these animals were wiped out because no one wants to giant dragonflies kicking about, do they?

These symbols are vividly presented in detailed illustration, showing the beasts in all of their colour and ferociousness, except for the sluggy mollusc thing – that doesn't look too frightening, just a bit yucky. Plus, the game uses exotic music to transport players into a completely different environment, providing the perfect escape. That is, if your idea of a perfect escape is to witness the imminent arrival of the apocalypse!

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Devastating Free Spins

The destruction begins whenever spinners find three or more of the exploding asteroid scatter slot symbols in any position on the reels, an event which will turn the game screen into a hellish scene of fire and falling meteors. However, it's not all bad as Extinction draws nigh, because players will be able to enjoy a final hurrah with some free spins.

Your odds of winning either 8, 12 or 20 free spins depends on whether you find three, four or five scatters on the reels. But these aren't just any ordinary free games, because as the reels are bombarded with some falling fireballs of doom, they will transform normal reel positions into extra wild symbols at random. This will potentially offer some literally devastating wins.

Explosive Wins

These wins are found by matching up identical symbols along any of the 20 fixed paylines from left to right. The total bet amounts available range from 2 to 200 credits and all of the payout values are available to examine in the game's information menu.

Each prize shown in these tables is adapted to match the chosen wager, so if you were to place a 200 credit bet and find five low paying dragonflies, then you will be rewarded with 200 credits in return. Or, a 20x line bet multiplier. The next five-of-a-kind payout value is 40x, which is awarded when players find a row of velociraptors, pterodactyls, or stegosauruses. Triceratops and sauropods both offer up to 80x but the biggest line bet multiplier is awarded by the Tyrannosaurus rex symbol and the wild icon, which both pay 250x. Spinners will also be rewarded by a 5x total bet multiplier if they find five scattered meteor symbols.

Apocalypse In Your Pocket

Like many slot machines developed by Odobo softwate, Extinction is a slot tailored to be played on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. So, you'll be able to witness the apocalyptic action wherever and whenever you want. With this in mind, it is no surprise that the game's controls are a little bit different from your standard online slot machine set-up; instead of having all of the buttons and bets at the bottom of the screen, players will have to tap different menu icons to find their way around. It's quite simple really. The icon with stacked coins takes you to the betting options and the cog icon will show the settings menu – a spanner and hammer – and the paytable – a question mark (?). Simply click the rotating arrow in the bottom right hand corner or swipe downwards to set the reels spinning.

The End Is Nigh

This slot machine provides plenty of excitement with its unique theme. It's not every day that you can take enjoyment in some apocalyptic action, but you might just find that this game of Extinction from Odobo. Moreover, the game is adapted to be played on handheld devices so you can win money while you wipe-out life on earth no matter where you go, or what time of the day.

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